Pool-in JPMiles from Family Members: Tips to Use Your Miles to the Best

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Many frequent flyers who have subscribed to loyalty programs often don’t have much of an idea about the benefits of the program, how to make the most of these benefits. Often, their accumulated miles or rewards points expire without being used, while they may not even be aware! This article shares useful tips with you on who you can use a loyalty program and their miles or reward points for your travel.

Every frequent traveler would know about the travel loyalty program and the reward miles that most airlines offer to their most valued customers. If you often travel for business purposes, you would know that the bonus points are a great boon to make your travel cheap and comfortable. The process of subscribing to the loyalty program is quite simple, and more importantly, anyone can sign-up for the program for free. If you have recently subscribed to any frequent flyer loyalty program, knowing the following ways to use the miles would greatly help you get the maximum benefit from your loyalty subscription program.

Free Flights

One of the most common ways people look to redeem their accumulated travel miles is for a free flight booking. This works very well with the JetPrivilege program, as here flyers can pool in their JPMiles from family members as well through their MyFamily+ option. If you have a sufficient number of miles in your account and meet all the redemption criteria, you can easily book a free flight. Make sure you book your free flights as much as possible in advance.


One of the main reasons economy class travelers subscribes to the loyalty program is to get cabin upgrades! Traveling in Business Class is a dream for many travelers, and you can make this dream come true through a frequent flyer program. Business Class is not only for the rich, but the smarter as well!

If you have accumulated some miles in your account, you can redeem it for upgrading your economy class ticket to Premiere or Business Class. This is especially a great option when you are booking a long haul journey, making your travel significantly more comfortable (and fancy).

Adding New Destinations

Besides using your reward points for booking free flights and upgrading your cabin, you can use Bonus points in a more adventurous way, like adding a new destination to your travel itinerary. This way, you get to travel to a new destination without having to increase your travel cost. How? Several airlines provide free stopovers to frequent flyers; this is a huge benefit as you may not get this option otherwise.


There will be times when you may have a whole lot of accumulated miles in your account, but you may not have any plans to travel. Instead of letting the miles go to waste, you can use these reward points to gift them to your loved ones! It’s totally possible! Check it out here: https://www.jetprivilege.com/use-jpmiles/gift-transfer-jpmiles-form. So, if a friend or family member is about to fly, you can share your miles with them for a free flight. Travel miles is one of the best gifts ever and will be appreciated by all!


Book hotel rooms or car rental

Many airlines allow their frequent flyers to redeem their reward points for hotel bookings or rent a car at the location they are visiting. However, you need to know that you can use the reward points only with the hotels affiliated with the program. This is another great way of putting your miles to great use instead of letting them go wasted. JetPrivilege has so many partners like hotels, shopping stores and websites, restaurants, cab rentals, and more!

Loyalty programs can literally change your life! They allow you to travel more by paying less and enjoying many benefits and privileges that will make your holidays most memorable!

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