Practical Scrum Master Course To Understand Scrum Framework

Practical Scrum Master Course To Understand Scrum Framework

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What the course is about?

This course enables the participant to gain the theoretical knowledge of Scrum. In this course, the participants will get the ability to face practical situations. From this training course, participants will learn about various scenarios and challenges that a Scrum master will face while building products using Scrum and tries to find out the best possible practical solutions through the extensive use of participant’s experience, role plays and simulation.

In this online training, participants will be able to evaluate their team performance, review how their project does Scrum, compare their project to Scrum, identify what is working and what is failing, and develop possible solutions to their problems. Also, participants will be able to understand the features of Scrum.

The course objectives of this Practical scrum master course are

· What does it take to be a practical Scrum Master?

· How to build and lead a hyper productive Scrum team?

· How to identify obstacles and provide a better infrastructure for continuous delivery?

· How to handle various practical scenarios that challenge the Scrum framework?

What the participants will learn?

In this course participants will learn

· Scrum values and principles

· Learn about Scrum framework

· How to implement Scrum in their team or organization

· How to build a hyper productive scrum team

· Learn about the infrastructure for iterative delivery: The tools and systems requirements for supporting agile development practices

· How to deal with a tough Product owner

· How to deal with a tough team

· Learn about effective facilitation of Scrum ceremonies

· Learn how to prepare for release and realistic release planning

· Able to write user stories

· Learn about the estimation techniques for sizing product backlogs

· How to deal with metrics and management

· How to deal with incomplete sprints

· Identifying and resolving impediments

· How to work with distributed teams and scaling scrum

What are the benefits of this course?

· Candidates will learn the fundamentals and practical aspects of Scrum

· Learn to support the Product owner and the development team

· Lead a productive and highly motivated team

· Learn to solve issues and provide better infrastructure for continuous delivery

· Obtain high quality training from an industry expert

Who can do this course?

This Practical scrum master course Lisbon can be pursued by the following professionals,

· Team leaders

· Project managers

· Members of Scrum teams such as developers, scrum masters, and product owners

· Managers of Scrum teams

· Scrum masters

· Scrum product owners

· Scrum developers

· Line managers

· Team transitioning to Scrum

· And to professionals intending to pursue the Scrum performance certification can do this course

· Also by professionals those who want their teams to achieve the next level of performance


At the end of this course, participants those who take this course will receive a certification of course completion. This course will produce experienced Scrum masters and Scrum coaches and Scrum leaders for their Scrum teams.

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