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Being a gentleman still means what it always meant, to some extent. It means respecting the people around you and speaking and acting politely. It means good manners and easy conversation, firm handshakes and strong eye contact, and all that other good stuff you can learn from watching a Robert Redford movie. But in modern society, there are additional expectations of a man who wants to present himself as trustworthy, put together, and reliable. In other words, there are other considerations, these days, to make yourself a “catch,” as your mother or grandmother might say. Here we’re going to get into a few of those ways. Web Posting Reviews

Learn How To Dance

Dancing increasingly looks like a lost art, and it’s largely a function of shifts in musical culture. Many modern kinds of music facilitate jumping around and having a good time more than dancing with any technique or style. And that’s fine, but at some point or another, you’re going to have to dance one-on-one with a partner, and knowing how to handle it made a powerful impression even in 2017. Fortunately, it’s not that difficult to learn. The nature of the activity may be changing with time, but you can still find a dance studio in your area where even a few hours of paid lessons can go a long way. It’s generally a good idea to just get this out of the way, but at the very least, you should consider a few lessons before the next wedding or event you need to attend.

Know Your Jewelry

While we’re talking about weddings and dancing, we may also cover the idea that it’s pretty impressive for a man in today’s society to have an opinion and some knowledge of jewelry. That doesn’t mean you have to be able to talk about your girlfriend’s necklace for an hour without interruption, but being able to compliment and comment on quality can go a long way. You can start by learning a little bit about diamond settings and shapes (this will probably be necessary one day anyway if you ever plan to pop the question to someone you love), but don’t just stop there. Spend some time learning about the different types of gold and how to match them. Know your birthstones and general styles of jewelry. Research some more casual angles, like recognizing astrology talismans on rings or necklaces or how to differentiate between Pandora bracelet charms. Again, there’s no need to be a total aficionado, but having an opinion or two about these different topics reveals that you care, and you have a good eye.


Dress With Intent

A lot of guys in today’s society dress pretty casually, and who could blame them? Society, in general, has grown more casual with time, to the point that some of the biggest and best companies in the world now have the reputation of letting employees show up in jeans and T-Shirts. That’s perfectly fine, but you shouldn’t mistake casual for sloppy. Instead, dress with intent. Learn which jeans and trousers fit your body type best, and make the most of it. Iron your T-Shirts, not just your button-downs. If you’re going to wear a hat, find a way to get a custom-fit hat before you just pick one up at the mall, and if you’re going to wear a watch, focus on matching it to your outfits rather than just how it looks in a case. Dressing with this kind of intent gives you the image of a polished, fashionable individual, which, after all, is part of being a gentleman.

Maintain A Classy Internet Presence

We often hear about the importance of a clean and professional online presence, whether while applying to schools, trying to secure jobs, etc. People tend to form their first impressions of others based on what tony sees in Facebook profiles or Twitter feeds. It doesn’t mean that you can’t have anything fun or carefree posted online, but generally speaking, it’s a good idea to clean up your presence and maintain a classy image online. That means monitoring which photos go up, staying out of snarky comment wars, and interacting with others with kindness and knowledge.

Invest In Your Home

This is the trickiest tip we’re mentioning here because it’s easier said than done. Without enough extra income on your hands, you can only do so much about where you live. But we live in a time when a lot of people are working from home, living with roommates into their 30s, or moving back home after college. There’s nothing wrong with any of these things, but if you can get your own place, you should treat it as an extension of yourself. Do an extensive condo search for your area online and find a few places to check out in person. Speak to realtors and friends who have their own homes and make sure you’re aware of all your options. Then find a nice place to settle on and spend a little bit of money making it comfortable and stylish.

You should never forget the simpler, more old school aspects of being a gentleman either. But nowadays, these are some extra steps to consider if you’re mindful of the image you present and the impression you make.

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