Do You Really Need an Air Duct Cleaning?

Do You Really Need an Air Duct Cleaning?

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We all have seen or heard advertisements for air duct cleaning, and have wondered if it is right for us. We have also been advised that our air ducts should be cleaned regularly. But, what is air duct cleaning and why do we need it? Is it necessary? Here’s some insight to air duct cleaning.

What Happens While Cleaning an Air Duct?

According to the NADCA or the National Air Duct Cleaners Association, while cleaning an air duct, the cleaner should open every part of the system, including all the vents and doors and every part of the system should be cleaned. The cleaning parts should include the fan motor, housing, heating and cooling coils, drip pans, and the area around the A/C unit. The cleaning is a two-stage process, and should be staunchly done by an expert. The expert should ensure the protection of the carpets and the furniture. The first step of cleaning is to loosen the dirt and the debris in the air vent, and here, the expert should be well aware to not let the air pass. The second step is removing the dirt and debris from the entire HVAC system by the use of a high-powered vacuum cleaner. In case the experts fails to remove dirt from even one compartment of the HVAC system, it will cause the recontamination of the whole system again.

When is The Right Time to Clean?

Some people advising you to clean your air duct regularly is vague. Since, the EPA doesn’t advice anybody to routinely clean their HVAC system. Instead, they say to undergo the cleaning activity, if and only if you need it. Some of the possibilities when you need an air duct cleaning,

· Insects in your HVAC system, which is causing problems in your heating or cooling system.

· Excessive dirt build up in the HVAC system.

· There is a possibility of a fire hazard

· If your HVAC system blow out dirt or debris with cold or hot air, or is the source of a bad odor.

· Contamination of the system.

Does Cleaning Means Good Health?

As of now, there is not a single piece of evidence which indicates that dirt or debris of the air duct system has a negative effect on health. But, obviously, if you have mold in the system, then it might be a cause to some health disorder. But, overall, yes, some research say that indoor air quality should be maintained in order to have a better health.

Will Cleaning Affect My Power Bill?

Well, there are evidences that cleaning the whole HVAC system leads to enhanced energy efficiency, which means lowering of your power bill. But, it is highly unlikely, that you will get the same effect if you do a normal air duct cleaning.

Who Should be Your Service Provider?

Before choosing an air duct cleaner, you should at least talk to three different companies, and get the quote for them. Also, take note of what they promise. In fact, while you make a deal with them, just make sure that if they will clean the entire system or not. Beware of anyone who claims to be EPA certified, and says that a routine cleaning is necessary. Find a service provider who is willing to look in to the problem and repair it. Since, if the issue is not amended, it is likely that it will reoccur.

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