Rihanna Hilariously Responds to Fat-Shaming Blogger

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Last week, a Barstool Sports blogger drew the ire of the Internet and his very own boss whilst he published the lazy and gross hot take, “Is Rihanna Going to Make Being Fat the Hot New Trend?” Certainly, Rihanna may want to have persevered her lifestyles without acknowledging or maybe noticing the lame strive at tearing her down—her lovers have had extra than sufficient reports on their very own—however, she went in advance. She addressed it in a subtle Instagram post. Her reaction is a meme you could or may not have already visible offering Gucci Mane in 2007 and 2017. Since being launched from prison in 2016, Gucci has espoused a healthy way of life and proven the frame to show it. But he becomes simply as liked while he carried more of a belly (Have you listened to “Lemonade”!?), and that’s the damn factor.

Rihanna Hilariously Responds to Fat-Shaming Blogger 1

If you think what the troll behind the put up, Chris Spagnuolo, has been up to because of self-imposed controversy, he appears to be doing the entirety he can to also torch his career. Under suspension, he’s proven little regret and has even gone as some distance as taking pictures at his own boss. Who knows if Barstool Sports will put up with this—we’re talking approximately a website catering to the maximum base instincts of overly masculine, insufficiently rational sports enthusiasts—but it’s difficult to peer what the lengthy sport is right here. “I’m too true for a barely more heavy Rihanna” isn’t exactly the high-quality hill to die on. Serves
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