Should You be Embarrassed About Having Dentures?

Should You be Embarrassed About Having Dentures?

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I accidentally broke my front teeth, when I was only eleven. I had to go through a denture procedure, for the treatment of the damaged teeth. The teeth were duplicated. Some chemical was also given to fill the gap between the teeth. Since then, I have always walked around with my denture. I was always embarrassed and somewhat afraid, that I would be a mockery as soon as my friends realized that I have a false tooth. But, after a couple of days, when I saw that nobody was mocking me, I saw myself in the mirror. I realized that, the denture has settled perfectly, and there is nothing to worry about. I was not worries anymore, and was not afraid to go to school.

A few years ago, all the teeth of my upper jaw were badly decayed, and I hired a dentist to pull them out, and therefore, now, I have a full upper denture. Replacing my natural teeth with a full upper jaw denture was a big decision. Since, I was not sure that how would I look after replacing all my teeth. For the first few days, I was really worried to go out of my place, I was amazed to see that no one really noticed the change. Nobody could detect that I had a full upper denture, and within a few days, I was roaming free.

But, wearing a denture, especially transform the mental outlook of the person who is wearing it. The person starts to think about him/her as aged, and start feeling embarrassed about the artificial teeth he/she is wearing. I started feeling embarrassed too, because the routine changed. Whilst when I had my natural teeth, I used to brush my teeth, but now, I had to take out my artificial teeth in secret, and then brush that. Keeping the artificial teeth in good condition is very important, and therefore should be brushed or washed daily. Therefore, there was a very subtle feeling and I was always aware of my upper denture.

To be very frank, if you ask me, who has a full upper denture, then I would say that wearing a denture is embarrassing. I would have all my natural teeth than wearing a denture. I would rather not adopt a different lifestyle for my teeth. For example, when you wear a denture, you have to adopt to many situations like, kissing your wife, and smiling broadly with your teeth visible, chewing different foods, biting without your artificial teeth popping out, sneezing and many more.

Long story short, having dentures in your mouth constantly is obviously going to be a life changing experience for you. But, gracefully enough, people will not notice any change in your facial structure, which mean that saves you from that embarrassment. They will never acknowledge the problems you face to adopt the new dentures. And, after some point of time, maybe after a year, you will also forget that you have a denture. Because, it becomes a part of your body after some point of time.

Truth be said, after years of wearing your dentures, you will not be embarrassed of your dentures. If anyone asks me if wearing dentures an embarrassment, I would say No, because embarrassment lies in your head, which constantly nags you.

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