Slain Maldives blogger’s father demands foreign probe at UN

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The father of murdered blogger Yameen Rasheed within the Maldives has accused police of looking to cowl up the case and appealed to the United Nations for an investigation. Speaking to AFP on the UN Human Rights Council’s sidelines, Hussain Rasheed said he had come to Geneva “to raise my voice across the world and put the strain on the authorities to reap justice for my son.” “I think the UN can assist us in this,” he added.

Slain Maldives blogger’s father demands foreign probe at UN 1

Choking back tears, the 54-year-old recalled seeing the body of his son, who had been killed hours in advance at his home in Male using unidentified attackers. “My son became very brutally murdered,” he stated, shaking his head and pointing out that the 29-yr-vintage blogger “had such a lot of wounds, it turned into hard for me to count number.” Yameen Rasheed, who poked amusing at the Maldives’ politicians on his weblog The Daily Panic, turned into observed within the stairwell of his Male rental building with more than one stab wound chest and neck. He died in hospital. He had lodged lawsuits with the police about death threats he had received in December, but they have been no longer taken seriously. The Indian Ocean archipelago government has promised research into his death, and police closing month started making arrests. However, activists say they doubt the ones detained are really in the back of the killing.


“They have seven people underneath arrest now who can also or won’t have been linked to the homicide, but we don’t consider that any of these people are the people at the back of this,” Shahindha Ismail, executive director of the Maldivian Democracy Network, said. “I am no longer trusting the research,” Rasheed said, adding that “my personal suspicion is that the police are trying to cowl up the case.” He charged that the Maldives police had acted suspiciously, washing down the scene of the crime and having the blood-splattered wall repainted.

They additionally averted absolutely everyone from taking photos and had now not wondered anyone inside the constructing,
he claimed. Asked why police could deliberately botch the investigation, he stated: “The government is not on a democratic route right now; it’s going toward a dictatorship.” His comments got here a day after Adam Azim, the brother of jailed former defense minister Mohamed Nazim and one of the few vocal dissidents. Nonetheless, in us of a was arrested. Earlier this week, 30 international locations issued a statement criticizing the Maldivian regime earlier than the Human Rights Council, calling on u. S. A. To recognize basic freedoms.

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