South Park: Phone Destroyer is a New Card Game for Mobile Devices

South Park: Phone Destroyer is a New Card Game for Mobile Devices

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South Park became present at Ubisoft’s E3 press convention in a massive manner this yr. The Fractured But Whole obtained a brand new, interesting trailer. In addition to that, a contemporary cell sport, Phone Destroyer, changed into introduced. It looks like a riff on the popular cellular card sports style that’s so hot right now for cellular recreation players. You can take a look at out the trailer down below.


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The trailer didn’t absolutely cross in intensity approximately the game’s rules and mechanics, however, gamers may be capable of pit their card skills in opposition to unique factions like knights and Buccaneers.

The sport doesn’t have a hard and fast release date just yet, but it’ll be launching on iOS and Android devices sometime this 12 months. We’ll preserve you up to date as extra fee data comes to our manner.




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