Spotting the signs of mental health issues among kids – How to treat them from the start

Spotting the signs of mental health issues among kids – How to treat them from the start

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Did you know that children can even develop similar mental health conditions as the adults? Just as adults can suffer from several mental health issues, the children can do as well but their symptoms and signs might just be different. It has been seen that spotting mental health illness among children is often tough for the parents. Due to this, there are many children who are deprived of the appropriate treatment from the beginning which leads to fast spread of the disease. Being a parent it is important for you to identify the warning signs so that you could seek help of online mental health counseling resources like

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What makes it tough for parents to recognize mental disorders among kids?

It entirely depends on the adults who are involved in a child’s life to identify whether or not the child is suffering from any specific mental health concern. Even though you might be able to spot the red flags, it can get difficult to distinguish the signs of any problem from the childhood. Children usually lack the vocabulary to speak about their problems and this is why parents fail to understand.

Moreover, there is also the thought of constant stigma associated with mental illness and the logistic challenges of seeking help of a psychotherapist which prevents them from seeking proper care for their child.

Warning signs and symptoms of mental illness among children

There are few warning signs that your child might have when he is suffering from any mental health condition. Here are few such signs.

  • Mood swings: Watch out for feelings of withdrawal, sadness which lasts for more than 2 weeks. If the mood disorder continues for a long time, this can even cause an adverse impact on the child’s school life and on his behavior.
  • Changes in behavior: There may be drastic changes in the way he behaves. He might show an out-of-control behavior where he fights often and expresses a desire to hurt someone badly.
  • Strong feelings: Does he show an overwhelming feeling of fear for no such reason? Do you find him breathing fast or having a racing heart without any physical activity? These are also signs to watch out for.
  • Difficulty to focus: Does your child find it difficult to sit still or focus on something? This can also lead to a bad performance in school.

Therefore, if you find your child demonstrating any of the above mentioned warning signs or symptoms, you should immediately take him to a counselor and seek help.

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