#SquatYourDog becomes latest internet craze

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Finally: A ‘challenge’ it’s not dangerous. Move over, cinnamon challenge!

Cinnamon undertaking? Gross. Flour task? Even grosser. Ghost pepper undertaking? We’re sweating simply considering it. How approximately something a touch more healthy?

Enter the #SquatYourDog mission, which has been doping up increasingly these days on Instagram, perhaps because of the present-day internet trend.

It’s pretty easy: You don’t want to bypass leg day, and it’s a laugh to contain your dog (in any situation, honestly. When doesn’t a dog make you feel better?)

So you choose up your animal — these Instagram customers under will display you a few distinctive ways to maintain the dog — and you squat. It works with dogs, each large and small, even though we should expect a smaller dog, way extra reps!

Of route, you’re best going to want to strive this if your dog appears willing. Your puppy may squirm around a bit, however, of the route; that’s what makes it a challenge! It’ll assist with your middle muscles, we promise.

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