The Overlooked Benefits Of Having Good Spark Plugs

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The performance of any car on the road will usually depend on how well it is tuned up. The engine needs its share of care, which can be done with regular oil changes and tune-ups. The latter normally includes checking the spark plugs, which boost a car’s horsepower and aid in fuel efficiency. Normally, cars have recommended spark plugs that can be found in the car owner’s manual. Some prefer to get the best spark plugs on the market, which can deliver better performance. Ideally, double platinum spark plugs are recommended, although some use single platinum and copper spark plugs. There is also an iridium/ platinum combination plug that some would try to have a better performing vehicle.

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The performance yearned for by car owners will vary. Some opt to upgrade to a cold air intake or change air filters. This is normally the recourse of car owners who want to see if their car can muster more strength with changes to specific factory parts. The spark plugs are one of the simple things one can experiment on. For a better understanding for folks who may lack the knowledge on how spark plugs work, these are connected to a car’s ignition coil that generates the high voltage necessary to spark the fuel and create combustion – something responsible for an engine to run better. Hence, a defective spark plug may lack the spark, so it would be best to regularly check them and clean them for as long as they are still good for use.

Also, note that spark plugs are tied to other possibilities. There are spark plug wires to consider, which differ in quality depending on the brand. If a car owner decides to change these wires, make sure it is a notch higher than the factory-installed one to ensure a car performs up to par. After years of use, the best way to determine if a vehicle needs a tune-up, spark plug, or other parts replacement is performed. Lack of acceleration indicates that a car is due for a tune-up. Backfire is another indicator, meaning one can bring the car to a mechanic for servicing. Those who know how to replace old spark plugs, air filters, and possibly oil changes would be best to do so.

Some resort to cleaning spark plugs, particularly the higher-end spark plugs. This could work for people on a budget, although it is a temporary solution. For a car to perform satisfactorily, spark plugs and other parts like an air filter need to be changed – especially when they reach a certain mileage. If one ignores this, the results include poor fuel efficiency and occasional car troubles such as hard starting. At times, a car may just break down at the least time one expects it, an inconvenience that wastes time and stresses out a car owner. Spark plugs may not be important for some for as long as a car starts once the ignition is clicked. This may hold true for a certain period. But once signs of unusual car behavior pop up, it would be best to pop the hood and locate the problem at the earliest possible time.

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