Tips for Adding Music to a Blog

Tips for Adding Music to a Blog

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Music can definitely improve the appeal of a blog post. In addition to vivid images, a music track can invoke positive feelings in readers and make them keep returning. Blog posts about music will need to feature audio tracks. If you really want to add audio to your blog post, here are several tips to follow:

Decide How You Want the Blog to Play the Music

There are several ways to insert audio tracks to a blog. You can allow an audio track to automatically play when a user visits the page. Alternatively, you can show a play button so a visitor can choose to listen to a track. You can also include a music player on the blog, which will allow the user to control volume and press fast forward. Music players can be embedded just like videos. You will have to include different embed codes for each of these actions. Make sure you display the player on all pages of the blog. Also, introduce a pause or stop button in case your blog auto plays music. Most bloggers choose to include a play button so visitors have a choice. Otherwise, the music could be considered an annoyance. Ultimately, it’s up to you to device how to play music tracks.

Be Careful When Choosing File Format

There are different types of formats for audio files. And different browsers support different types of audio files. Firefox, for example, is notorious for not playing MP3 files properly. So, you may have to optimize the audio files for each browser. The browser must have a music file support plugin in order to play an audio track. You should go through Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari and other browsers to see which plugins each has to support various audio formats. MP3 is generally the most favorite format. But, if your readers show overwhelming preference to one browser over others, include music files in formats supported by that browser.



Mind Copyright

The recording industry does not hesitate to take those who commit copyright violations to court. When you upload a music file on to your blog, then that’s considered an audio file used for commercial purposes. You will need permission from the owner to feature the track on your blog. Now, you don’t have to contact Madonna to feature one of her songs in a post. You can go to a service like SoundCloud to license music tracks to feature in blog posts. If you feature audio tracks ripped from CDs, or converted from video files, you could end up in court and be fined. Therefore, be very, very mindful of copyright issues. Do not use music files that are not licensed to you. You can use certain music tracks available in public domain if you don’t want to pay licensing fees. There are lots of classical music tracks available on websites like that you can use without fearing prosecution.

If possible record your own music. If you are on a budget, it’s just easier to feature your own music than to risk copyright issues. Also, don’t forget to warn your readers not to download and distribute the music tracks you publish online.

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