Tips For Getting Over Your Ex

Tips For Getting Over Your Ex

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Anyone who’s ever been dumped before, or gone through a painful mutual breakup, can attest to the fact that it’s hard letting go!

Even harder than having to part ways with someone that was once so close to your heart, is having to see this person regularly in your social circle and constantly reminded that they exist. Ouch!

Until you are able to move forward and say goodbye to your past, you will never stand a chance of meeting someone new and opening your heart to a potentially wonderful relationship!

Close that chapter of your life, and move on to bigger and better things by following these simple tips to getting over your ex!

Delete Them From Social Media

Silently scrolling the social media page of your ex, studying their every move, and noting every new person they are hanging with, especially those of the opposite sex.

By devoting so much of your time to worrying about what they’re doing rather than what you’re doing, you’re robbing yourself of your own potential happiness.

By giving that person all the real estate in your mind, how on earth are you going to make room for someone else? Do yourself a favor and put it out of sight and out of mind. Delete your ex from social media and watch your heart recover a million times faster.

Don’t Frequent The Same Locations

If you keep running into your ex at your favorite bar and can’t seem to enjoy yourself in the same location without finding a dark corner to stare at them at with binoculars on, then maybe it’s time to stop going to that bar.

Find a new place to go! Try something new! If you used to go to that place together you’re going to have nostalgic and sad lingering feelings every time you go there.





It’s time to say goodbye! Light a candle, sing a song, say “om” a few times, burn their photo. Do whatever it takes to mourn the end of your romance, and close the door and throw away the key forever.

Sometimes by having some sort of a ritual to accept the end of a romance, helps us to officially say goodbye. Same as a funeral gives us closure for the deceased, you are giving yourself closure from what was and is no longer.

Start Dating Other People

Lucky you to be single in this day and age with so many opportunities to find romance online. From Tinder to Plenty of Fish, to OK Cupid. There are plenty of sites with people waiting for romance just like you, and they don’t cost a thing.

Did you read an article once that talked about the dangers of online predators? Ok, no online dating then. Try the real world! Go to a speed dating event, or agree to a blind date set up by a friend. Get out there!

Sometimes the best way to let go is to meet someone new and be reminded of just how desirable you can be!

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