Top 5 Rumours Associated with NEET 2017, Read More

Top 5 Rumours Associated with NEET 2017, Read More

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The question marks raised on NEET actually showcase a lot of deep rooted problems persisting in India. Like: students from rural areas trust their state boards more and think qualifying state board conducted exam will be easier for them. There are others who think having one exam for admission is better than burdening aspirants with many exams.

In 2017, NEET gained a lot of negative publicity which has directly challenged its authenticity. There is a lot of discussion going on regarding the benefits and the disadvantages of NEET.

But amidst all this what people are not realising is that NEET has brought a lot of clarity. So, just criticising the exam won’t help. Awareness among the students from the rural areas should be created and fear among the students should be removed.

NEET or (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) is the centralised exam, organised by CBSE for admission in medical colleges. Approximately 54,000 seats for various courses in private as well as government institutes are allocated to students based on their NEET scores.

Through this article we wish to spread the information related to NEET exam, with the view that aspirants would understand the relevance of NEET.


There is a lot of outrage from the people against NEET and many cases are piled up in courts mentioning the dilemma on the marks scored in NEET.

We bring to you the Top 5 scandals on NEET 2017

  1. Suicide of a girl from Tamil Nadu against NEET: 


Anitha Shanmugam, a 17-year-old girl from Tamil Nadu approached Supreme Court against NEET. She could not clear NEET as she didn’t have the prior knowledge of English to understand the questions and the syllabus was different from which she had studied in the state board.

She didn’t find any ray of hope from the Central Government due to which she committed suicide. People claimed that NEET only favours the people from Urban areas and the rich people who can afford the coaching centres.

  1. Hacking NEET Server:

Five Engineers in Noida hacked the NEET server. One of the accused is a supervisor of an examination centre in Noida. They hacked the server which conducts the entrance examination for the post graduate medical courses.

They successfully hacked the servers of the NEET which raised questions on the security and the Integrity of the system which is being used for Nation’s one of the most prestigious exam.

This incident created many doubts among people over the reliability of this exam and many accused the board for its irresponsibility.

People said the technology which is being used for these prestigious examinations should be fool proof. The firewalls should be implemented and thoroughly monitored to avoid these kinds of situations in the future.

  1. NEET Top scorers conspired with private colleges:

One of the buzz that is being surrounded is the NEET top scorers conspired with few private colleges. They choose the course in their college till last minute of counselling to block the seats and later sold the seats to the students who scored lesser ranks.

These situations make the worst impact on the NEET. The students who are eligible to secure the seat are not able to get it due to the private colleges.

In order to avoid such kind of situations Government and the board should impose stringent laws on the colleges and the people who are using the loopholes to gain the advantage.

4.Hacking Results:

The news which shattered people’s faith on NEET was when one of the official from the company which conducts the NEET, informed that the servers can be hacked. It is very hard to digest for the students who really worked hard to do well in the exams and prepare day and night for the exam.

There was allegation that the company which was chosen to conduct NEET is not selected by following all the procedures and it was done to favour that company. All the allegations which were there needs to cleared to gain the confidence among the students and the people.

  1. Cheating with the help of Head of the Examination Centres:

Head of the Examination centres conspired with hackers to hack the server and allot the students to their examination centre and provide the student with Internet or can connect to the outside world and can access anything by favouring them.

Our View: “Corruption should be condemned not NEET”

As there are many scandals being surrounded around the NEET, question of its legitimacy came into existence. Also inflicting fear among the students who are aspiring to become Doctors is increasing. As this is the only exam that they can take to live up to their dream.

Concerned departments and the government should try to clear all these conspiracies and help the students by conducting the exam in efficient manner. Proper discussion should happen in continuing the NEET as there are many students who are worried about their future. The notion that NEET only favours the students from the coaching centres and the people who are accustomed to English and CBSE should be abolished completely.

In our view, CBSE and Govt. should come into picture and bring uniformity in the syllabus and exam pattern of NEET. No student should feel overburdened just because they are unable to grab few concepts which are never taught to them by their state boards.

Having a centralised exam was a great move but what followed could have been easily avoided. The framework for conducting NEET should follow very stringent rules ensuring no tampering in any way.

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