Top 5 Scenic Bike Rides in Winter in the US

Top 5 Scenic Bike Rides in Winter in the US

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There are many biking destinations across the United States, and they are wonderful for pedaling, with a beautiful scenic feel while at it.

If you are interested in a small town or you prefer the big cities to pedal through for a biking experience while enjoying the scenic view, whether you are residing or vacationing in the U.S, we have selected the top 5 best bike rides destinations for winter, based on the scenic beauty of the places, local culture of biking, and the available cycling arrangement and infrastructure. All you need is a perfect bike for a comfortable ride. You can choose from these best bikes for men for your winter biking adventure if you are a man.

For scenic bike lovers, read through and make your pick.

Marin County – California

Bike Rides

Marin is a well-known destination in the world of cycling with a beautiful road network lined with redwood and coupled with the crisscross Mount Tamalpais, the Marin Headlands, and the Muir Woods National Monument.

As a county, Marin offers lots of nerve working excitement with loops of road networks connecting a lot of spots together and perfect for pedaling across.

Biking in Marin comes with climbing, descending, and tackling.

You can go ahead and check out Marin County for biking and enjoy:

  • The stimulating and beautiful Mount Tamalpais climb.
  • Move through Highway 1’s route – Stinson Beach and Tomales Bay.
  • Timeless mountain bike tracks in Fairfax and Bolinas.

Asheville, North Carolina

Bike Rides

As the most admired cycling town in the south-east, Asheville holds many lengthy loopy and hilly roads into the Blue Ridge mountains with challenging mountain biking trips and trails to Pisgah National Forest.

Be ready for climbing and descending all the way to the top-most point east of the Mississippi. Mt Mitchell is a 35-mile ride away on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

It is also good to note that Asheville has a lot of dining and hospitality openings too.

You can go ahead and check out Asheville for a never-ending biking experience and enjoy:

  • Climb the highest point east of the Mississippi.
  • Challenging and stimulating mountain bike trails in Pisgah National Forest.
  • The never-ending, wide roads for pedaling through to the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Tucson – Arizona

Bike Rides

If it’s winter, I would recommend Tucson for biking because the city houses one of the best scenic cycling destinations in the U.S., ranging from the famous twisting Catalina Highway climb up to the 9,100ft Mount Lemmon.

You will most likely meet other amateurs and pro bikers in groups, riding on Saturdays with so many bike road networks with zigzag and crisscross from Sandy mountain to Rincon, Santa Rita Catalina, not leaving out the Tucson mountain ranges.

Tucson offers:

  • Awesome winter biking experience with spectacular roads and climbs.
  • Numerous mountains and roads to conquer.
  • Explicit scenic views along the way.

Durango – Colorado

Durango has been favored by a lot of bikers, whether for sports purposes or for personal pleasure. If you are a biking enthusiast, head up to Durango and experience the mountain rides with the crisscross roads. Stretch your nerves with the 500 miles track that connects Denver and Durango, with numerous challenges through a series of loops and pine forests, mountains with lots of climbing and descending.

Durango offers:

  • Biking experience for all levels of riders.
  • Historic scenic climbs.
  • One of the best places for biking hospitality.

Lehigh Valley – Pennsylvania

In the north-east Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania is known as the cycling capital, although unofficially, the Allentown and Bethlehem area provides a cycling haven for riders.

Lehigh Valley is rigged with natural challenges of hills and valley roads to pitch yourself against; the terrain is exactly what a biker needs to work-up those nerves. The region, which has been holding track races for decades, dating back to 1975, is the main reason so many pro bikers, roadies, and other cyclists are residing and training in the Lehigh Valley area.

There are always weekly group rides and races, adding to the scenic environment, it has become every road-lovers’ destination.

What to expect:

  • Hilly rides on vacant farm roads.
  • Lots and lots of tracks events.
  • Beautiful cycling infrastructure.
  • Challenges that will satisfy you.


If you love nature, you can have no better way to experience it than on your bike. And the above-mentioned bike rides should be on the bucket list of any avid biker looking to explore the U.S. If you looking to explore cities, you should consider having one of the best city bikes available. Exploring scenic routes and beautiful US cities can both be great adventures.

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