Top Trends Coming from Telecommunications

Top Trends Coming from Telecommunications

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How technology develops is astounding. Therefore, it’s no surprise that new trends change with each passing year. The telecommunications sector is set to see some exciting new trends coming soon. From AI advancements to 5G and cybersecurity, below, you’ll discover some of the top trends to watch out for.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is nothing new, but it currently undergoing some significant developments. In recent years, AI technology has helped to create smart home devices. Now, it is currently being used to create self-driving vehicles. Still, in their early development, self-driving cars will revolutionize transportation. A new algorithm has been recently shown to improve these vehicles’ safety, moving them a step closer to mainstream introduction.

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At the moment, the majority of the world runs off 4G technology. However, work is underway to introduce 5G mobile network technology, which is being dubbed as the fourth industrial revolution. It is thought that a 5G network would drastically increase connectivity. Some experts predict it can link up to 100 billion devices at the same time. Of course, with new technology comes new requirements. For example, new components such as advanced connectors from Allied Electronics may be required to implement it.


While advancements in technology deliver a lot of benefits, they can also increase our security risk. Cybercriminals are constantly getting smarter, which means the technology to fight them also needs to be regularly upgraded. Thanks to 5G and the Internet of Things, advancements are being made in the cybersecurity sector. Many big tech companies believe AI will help them make their business more secure, especially in data security.

Foldable devices

Smartphones have become a deeply ingrained part of our daily life. With each passing year, they become smarter and more efficient. The most recent trend in the sector is foldable devices. These allow the screen of the phone to fold over. Another thing to watch out for is wireless smartphone charging. You can already charge some devices up wirelessly, but the technology is set to become more prevalent in the coming years, making them more energy-efficient. These are just some of the trends coming up in the world of telecommunications. While some are in their infancy, others such as 5G are already being rolled out and improved. Each of the trends mentioned above could drastically improve the way we live and work.

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