13 Top Tools to Track Facebook Shares

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Facebook shares are as crucial as any backlink for increasing your website’s competitiveness. Just like backlinks, some shares carry more weight than others. You need to track your Facebook shares to know if your followers are increasing or diminishing, which posts excite them more, the best time to post, and such crucial metrics. Such information can be used to improve your Facebook campaign and so increase traffic to your website.

These easily available social media analytic tools will aid you in tracking Facebook shares for your campaigns.

1. Google Analytics

This is a standard tool that can analyze your Facebook traffic in real time. Because it is part of Google, it is a reliable method to let you know your referral stats on Facebook marketing. To activate it, go to; Acquisition > social > overview. You can then visualize the number of Facebook visits your website has received.

2. Quintly

This premium and free tool are ideal for businesses whose products are commonly discussed on Facebook. A free version will let you access Analytics for up to three Facebook Pages and as many pages as you want in the paid version. It offers stats for likes, comments, shares, and followers’ growth. These stats are portrayed on a graph for ease of understanding and utilization.

3. Keyhole

This free tool offers a comprehensive preview of keywords and account tracking. It will show you the top posts and shared posts. You can also view your competitor’s preview on account tracking.

4. Klout

This fantastic tool will work on your profile and give you a score. If you get a zero, your Facebook profile is the worst, and a score of 100 means your profile is the best. It measures your influence on Facebook using your posts. Furthermore, it suggests content you can add to your Facebook to improve.

5. Klear

This simple-to-use tool automatically studies your Facebook Page and those who follow you. It will then let you know if you are approachable, social, or active.


Peaked will always remember to email you every week and your Facebook stats. You can then record how you have used Facebook in the week. This is a valuable tool when you want to improve your Facebook presence.

7.WolfranAlpha Facebook Report

This amusing tool will compile and show useful data in your profile and Facebook posts. Its graphs and pie charts are easy to understand. When you start using this tool, your Facebook campaign can never be the same again.

8. Talkwalker

This simple yet useful tool will ensure you have as many searches for keywords as you want. It will provide you with a diverse range of information, such as top posts, comments, pictures, likes, and others. Its graphical representation of results is just fantastic.


This is a must for anyone serious about Facebook. By just keying in your Facebook page URL, you will get metrics such as the length of posts, the average number of posts per day, how long people stayed with your post, and the best time to post. It also suggests what you can do to improve your Facebook Page.

10. Facebook Insights

This inbuilt Analytics dashboard will display stats in your fans and your posts. It can be accessed by clicking the Insight tab in the menu bar.

11. All Rival IQ

This ‘intelligent’ tool will compare your Facebook Page with up to 75 pages of your competitors. It is vital if you want to remain on top of your competitors.

12. Simply Measured

Have you ever wondered if you are giving your all to a Facebook campaign? With this tool, you can see all the efforts you put into your Facebook campaign and the results of your hard work.

13. Socialbackers Analytic

This premium tool portrays your competitors’ Facebook Pages and suggests what you can do to outdo them by exposing their weaknesses and strengths.

Facebook campaigns have become an integral part of all businesses. They contribute a significant percentage of all the traffic on the website. Since Facebook Analytics cannot be done manually, tools can help you grow and develop in an online campaign’s critical area.

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