Understanding the Strengths of Digital Currency

Understanding the Strengths of Digital Currency

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Digital currencies have been making headlines these past few years. Bitcoin, one of the most popular digital currencies we have today, is being used by more merchants and users for a number of reasons, according to studies complied by Northeastern University. The ability to do transactions without merchants or the government tracking purchase behavior as well as the enhanced security offered by this cryptocurrency are among the many strengths of Bitcoin and digital currency in general.

On the other hand, digital currencies fluctuate in value because they tend to still be in their development stage. Bitcoin recently hit an all-time high, currently traded above the $1,000 mark. However, it also hit one of its lowest valuations in the same year, showing just how big the gap can be over a relatively short period of time Univers Inform.

It is interesting to learn other strengths of digital currency. Be sure to read the Lessons Digital Currency Has Taught Us infographic for more information.

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This infographic was created by Northeastern University.

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