Useful Tips for the Selection of a Plastics Granulator

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A plastics granulator is used to cut and reduce plastic fragments’ size into smaller granules, thereby making these granules easier to manage. These granules can then be used in other plastic processes or can be sold in the open market. By cutting plastic into smaller pieces, it becomes easier to recycle or reuse the plastic in other materials, making a plastic granulator a useful machine to have. Because of the rise of use in plastic, there has been an increase in demand for plastic granulators – the need for recycling and reusing plastic has become urgent. Though people are urging others to stop using plastic, there is still plastic prevalent in almost all corners of the world – making such a machine invaluable.

When choosing a PVC and glass-reinforced plastic will have different reactions compared to those of polypropylene. However, finding the perfect machine becomes very difficult, and finding one solution for all materials can be inefficient and difficult. The best option is to look at the kind of rotor and the chamber size you require – along with the kind of horsepower the machine has, and make a decision accordingly.


When looking at granulators, take a close look at the individual components, especially the rotor. If you wish to cut larger, thicker scraps, you will need a closed rotor design, whereas if you are processing thinner fragments, then an open rotor would be preferable. Take a look at the kind of blade used to make the rotor because these blades will directly influence the efficiency of the machine. Take note of the chamber’s size and shape because this will influence the efficiency of the rotor. There are multiple elements for you to look through while looking at plastics granulators, which means that it is important to take time before deciding. Try and look at different granulators on the Internet and compare prices to those available within your area. You will also be able to look at specifications online, allowing you to compare specs and prices.

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