Visit Masinagudi in the Monsoons and experience nature in full bloom

Visit Masinagudi in the Monsoons and experience nature in full bloom

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If one is keen to get away from the rigmarole of city life and get a fresh new outlook towards life, then taking a road trip to the green terrain of Masinagudi is a perfect idea. It is a beautiful resort- town located on the Mysore-Ooty highway and shares its boundary with the world-renowned Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary. It makes an ideal setting for a rugged, off-beat trip with one driving down rain-washed roads and the cool, moist breeze blowing in one’s face. Nature has never looked as appealing as it does at Masinagudi. The town offers truly breath-taking views of the Western Ghats and the dense forests that cover it.Is Network



Wildlife in its natural surroundings

It simply doesn’t get better than this, with the Mudumalai forests on one side and the Bandipur Forest range on the other side. One can use the option of self-drive cars to drive from Bangalore to Masinagudi and enjoy the freedom to travel as one pleases and enjoy the unbridled natural beauty that surrounds one. People love a hired self-driven vehicle’s privacy and safety since one can stop and admire the misty mountains and the rain-filled waterfalls and rivulets that form during the monsoons. So what if one doesn’t own an SUV for a power-packed road trip? Hiring one and driving it to this great getaway is now completely possible.


One should easily catch a glimpse of rare birds like the crested serpent eagle, hornbills, woodpeckers, and wild animals like elephants, deer, and langur, so keep those car windows down and keep the cameras ready.

Modern travel options for the modern traveler

Innovative service providers like Zoomcar can be tried out by one when an unconventional holiday to Masinagudi is on the mind, and self-drive car rental in Bangalore is the only way to go. One can bid adieu to rickety buses and badly-planned itineraries and take control of the holiday and travel the way one really wants to.

The rugged outdoors deserve a powerful vehicle, and getting behind the wheels of an SUV and driving off into the wilderness is the stuff dreams are made of. Car Rentals are the perfect answers to satisfy the pangs of a die-hard traveler, be it with the family or in the company of friends. The security of 24 x 7 road assistance and basic insurance makes this an irresistible deal for all.

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