What can you find on the deep web?

What can you find on the deep web?

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Search engines index only a tiny part of the internet, and according to various estimates, the internet is 500 times what is indexed by search engines in results. These hidden websites and links are what are known as invisible web or deep web. It is that part of the internet that is non-searchable. Most of the information on the deep web is hidden from the vast majority of users, and you will not be able to find a deep web internet site easily by simply scrolling through Google or Bing. The content available on the deep web sites is still a myth, which everyone wants to know. There is no such clear answer to this,s but the content can be engaging, intriguing,g and even disturbing sometimes. The deep web consists of billions of dark websites that are completely irrelevant or even not understood by a simple person. Certain websites can be disturbing or even alluring g, so it is important to be careful while accessing deep web content. Let us find out what you can actually find on the deep web, which makes it so deep.

Drug Business on Deep Web

One of the few things that run on the deep web is the drug business. Selling drugs online is purely banned, and cybersecurity agencies keep a close track of what is sold on internet websites indexed by search engines, but it cannot completely track the deep web. This is why the deep web is a prominent marketplace for buying and selling banned drugs online,e such as cocaine, heroin,n, etc.

Hire a Hitman

Many of the deep web sites also speak about that finding a hitman or criminal is easier. There are few websites out there on the deep web that allow you can buy a hitman or a criminal online, and it can get your dirty job done. For example, you can hire a hitman to kill or hurt someone on the deep web. Such kind of heinous or nefarious activities is conducted on the deep web. It can be dangerous, but the deep web also provides anonymity too while exploring links but involving in such things can get you into trouble.

Illegal Porn

Many law enforcement agencies are strict about websites that distribute child porn or forced sexual torture, killing, or animal sex. However, these things are frequently distributed through the deep web and sometimes even through the malware of virus that can impact the system’s security.


There are certain fraud websites claimed by militant organizations, including fake ones on the deep web, and are even used during terrorist attacks. Anonymous hacker groups were found to be using such deep websites during the attacks, and it was tracked down later by government agencies.

Unverified Hoax Content

One of the few things that are easily available on the deep web is Hoax content. If you start exploring the deep web, you will find different urban legends and even disturbing websites. One can even find a website where live murders are telecast, and such a website is related to Red room. There are also reports of a hitman hired, for example. There was a Silk Road website created that used to provide crowd-funded assassinations or hitmen for hire. The creator was eventually caught by security agencies, and he was finally tried for killing six people.

Fraud services on Deep Web

The deep web is full of frauds and scams. If you explore any deep web site, then will come across millions of websites selling fraud things such as Bitcoin sale, counterfeiting services, or even hacks online for free. But one should be aware of such things and ensure that you don’t get involved in any of such websites. Many fraudulent URLs exist on the deep web and even provide phishing via cloned websites and becoming a common marketplace for buying or selling fraud content.

Hacking Groups and Services

Hackers find the deep web their home, and it is a perfect breeding ground for a different type of websites and services such as hacking. This is not like ethical hacking but instead illegal hacking services offered by individuals or groups. Such groups provide hacking services into financial companies, banks,s or any type of website that you want to hack based on the amount of money you can offer and requirements. Such illegal services are sold on the deep web and often created by groups online. Such groups make use of DNS attacks or DOS attacks and perform scams or sell viruses online.

The Bottom Line

The above mentioned are some of the things that you can find on the deep web. This includes illegal stuff that is not available through normal search engines, so you need to be careful before exploring Deep websites. You need to be careful of such suspicious links and avoid exploring them online.

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