When Is it Time to Consider a Home Health Aide for a Senior Loved One?

When Is it Time to Consider a Home Health Aide for a Senior Loved One?

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Everyone wants to make sure their senior loved ones are taken care of in the best way possible, making some people resist the reality that their loved ones need some care. Home care services and home health aides are a great option for seniors who want to retain their independence but need help from time to time. While every situation and the reasons for hiring a health aide will be different, several signs will tell you it is time to hire a home health aide.


Difficulty Taking Medications

Old age often comes with lots of medications. As seniors get older and the number of medications they need increases, it can get confusing to keep everything straight. There are also instances where seniors forget to take their medications altogether. These alone or combined can lead to serious issues, including dangerous drug interactions.

If a loved one has difficulty remembering which medications to take when or frequently forgets to take their medications, it is time to consider getting them some help. A home health aide will help keep everything organized and keep records of what they are taking and when they are taking their medications. Also, a home health aide can help monitor seniors who need constant care so they can alert someone should something go wrong.

Difficulty Standing

General body weakness and fatigue are quite common in seniors. Both can make it hard to stand, which can do everyday chores such as washing the dishes a lot more difficult. The inability to stand can also translate to not reaching what they need or even going up the stairs. Home health aides can help with everyday chores like cleaning the home and shopping. They can also help loved ones with tasks that require walking, such as going to bed upstairs, or they can assist them with getting into the bathtub.

After a Serious Diagnosis

Various diagnoses can necessitate the need to hire a home health aide. These include everything from diabetes to dementia. Conditions like diabetes often require that a loved one takes some medications, and if they are unable to do that by themselves or if they keep forgetting to do it, a home health aide can ensure they remember to do it.

Conditions like arthritis can make it difficult or even excruciatingly painful to do things like climbing the stairs or dressing. Degenerative cognitive issues like dementia lead to memory loss, disorientation, and other symptoms that make it dangerous for a loved ones to live by themselves. It is perfectly okay to hire a home health aide for a loved one with dementia, but since the disease is progressive, loved ones have to consider other options as the disease progresses.

Senior and assisted living options are great, but it would be better to consider an Atlanta memory care community. Here, seniors get the care they need, are provided comfortable living arrangements, and have a community they interact with, which helps them avoid the loneliness, confusion, stress, and depressions that come with a dementia diagnosis.

Difficulty with Personal Care

As we get older, things that used to be obvious and easy to do get increasingly difficult. A senior loved one might have problems dressing, taking showers, or even brushing their teeth. Home care is a great option for these types of difficulties. An aide can also help with more difficult challenges, such as getting into and out of a wheelchair. Cleanliness, personal grooming, and care are all important to a senior’s general wellbeing, and home health aides can help with this.

Signs of Weight Loss and Neglect

Weight loss and other signs of neglect show that a senior loved one can no longer take care of themselves. Weight loss can indicate they cannot cook for themselves, they cannot cook nutritious meals, or they forget to eat even when they cook. If you notice any of these signs, a home health aide can help.

Confusion and Dangerous Situations

Even in cases where a loved one has not been diagnosed with anything, they can still get themselves into dangerous situations. Some may forget they are not supposed to leave their homes at certain hours, while others may forget how to get back home once they have left. There have also been cases where loved ones have locked themselves out of their homes because they forgot their keys inside. These are dangerous situations that point to the fact that these loved ones should not be living alone.

A Desire to Remain Independent

While assisted living, nursing homes, and full-time care facilities are great options for many seniors, some do not like them because they want to retain their independence. Hiring a home health aide allows the loved one to stay in his home and continue living their life while getting all the help they need. Even if they do not get the round-the-clock assistance they would otherwise get, you know they will enjoy their lives a lot more.

Caregivers Feeling Overwhelmed

Taking care of a loved one, especially one diagnosed with an illness or condition, can be emotionally and physically draining. This can lead to a lot of stress where the caregiver’s life can be affected. If taking care of a senior loved one is putting a lot of strain on your life and family relationships, it would be better to hire a professional. An aide can ease the stress and strain on everyone while educating the family members on how best to take care of their loved ones when help is not readily available.

Hiring a home health aide can feel like you are abandoning a loved one, but it is necessary in some cases. If you or other family members do not feel like you would provide adequate care to a loved one, it is always better to let a professional take over.

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