Why It Is Important to Sell What You Love and Love What You Sell

Why It Is Important to Sell What You Love and Love What You Sell

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If you think about the qualities that define a good salesperson, knowledgeable, honest, and punctual might come to mind. As it turns out, there is another quality that successful salespeople share: they genuinely like what they are selling. Here’s why that’s important:


It All Starts with Passion for the Product

Passion is the trait that separates engaged employees from those who are merely putting in their eight hours. Being personally passionate about what you are selling means you will be more inspired to help your customers, explain what the product or service does enthusiastically and knowledgeably, and ultimately lead to more sales for your company.

Genuine Interest in the Product Also Goes a Long Way

If you love what you sell, talking about the product will come easily and feel natural. For example, if you wear anything from Amway’s Artistry makeup line, you probably already talk to your friends and family about how much you love cosmetics. If you partnered with the direct sales company as an Independent Business Owner, you’d already know how to sell Amway products and could continue to share your beauty routine secrets. On the flip side, if you didn’t wear makeup, had no knowledge about the products, and tried pretending like you were a beauty enthusiast, potential customers would see right through you.

Fake It ‘Til You Make It Is Not a Long Term Solution

You might feel that if a salesperson is good at what she does, she can essentially put on a happy face and pretend that she likes the products, even if this is not the case. While the “fake it ‘til you make it” attitude can help some instances in life, it will not sustain a good salesperson over time. Having to essentially lie to yourself day in and day out for hours at a time and inspire customers to buy products that you would never consider owning is mentally and physically draining. On the other hand, spending your workdays talking about things you really like and feel is a good value will be much easier.

Love Your Product, Love Your Work

The best salespeople love their careers and their work. In addition to the products and services you offer, you should also genuinely enjoy your career choice; this will help you to strive to be the best you can in your job. By being truly excited about what your company offers, you will be a better salesperson and happy in your job.

Strive to Find the Good in Your Products

As you can see, it takes much more than a solid grasp of the products to be an effective salesperson. The best and most successful salespeople love what they are selling, and their passion and interest can motivate their customers to feel the same way.

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