17 Best Ways to Make Wedding Invitations Stand Out

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Whether someone is a designer or not, finding unique wedding invitations is not easy. Even for those who have created one, it might look the same as other wedding invitations, a formal and normal invitation that no guest will feel excited about. A wedding invitation is the first broadcast of a nuptial event. To have a great wedding, couples should take enough time preparing unique wedding invitations first. Here are some of the ways to make wedding invitations stand out.

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1. Use Unique Materials

Each time someone thinks of wedding invitation cards, most of them think of a folded paper card. Ignore that and try using various materials to create wedding invitations. Some of these materials include wood and iron. Design can be mixed with iron and wood to make a wedding invitation well, complete with various making craftsmanship, and the invitation will instantly catch guests’ eyes.

2. Pick Appropriate Printing Technique

Picking an appropriate printing technique is important as it offers the wedding invitation a better design. Some of the techniques will offer a visual effect and a unique touch to the invitation cards. Spending some time understanding printing techniques like engraving, letterpress, foil stamping, and digital printing is important. Additionally, couples should consider their budget to create a perfect wedding invitation.

3. Fold Patterns

Couples who want to create an incredible wedding invitation should utilize intricate patterns rather than the ordinary two folded patterns. The invitations are folded into magnificent shapes of distinct layers. Guests will feel good in opening these cards.

4. Utilization of Elements in Real Life

Couples should not get stuck by graphic design as they can use various elements in real life. For instance, they can stick a real squid on their wedding invitation. However, they should balance the element and design typography to make them blend well. Mixing with what elements will depend on the style. Couples need to be brave and creative to make unique wedding invitations.

5. Make a Set

Don’t be like most couples who put a single invitation card in an envelope and write names and addresses and post it to guests. Instead, do some extra decoration to make the invitation card standout. The decorations can be thin banners tied to the invitation set or stunning fabric with patterns matching the style to cover the card. Just do some extra work, and the invitation will be unique.

6. Make it Fluorescent

Creating a wedding invitation card that glows in the dark is a perfect way that will play magic. Use fluorescent materials and mix with the typography, and the wedding invitation will glow in the dark and display various scenes of the image.

7. Fun Tricks of the Countdown

It’s sweet for the couples to count down for their guest in an event they forget time unintentionally. So, including the countdown in the invitation cards can be a novelty. For instance, some designers have made an incredible wedding invitation that packages chocolate. The moment the piece of chocolate is finished, one day less to the big day. All the guests will be amazed at this unique wedding invitation.

8. Write and Paint by Hands

Ignore all the printing methods and go back to the handcrafted wedding invitations. All photos and text should be made by the human hand. Every line and letter is so touched.

9. Creative Edging with Punches

Create fancy edges or corners on the wedding invitations with a unique stamp cutter or special punch. They are available in a range of different designs and sizes from online and craft stores. It’s easy to use since couples need to give it time and ensure they have a good working table and a steady hand.

10. Address the Invitations Attractively with Calligraphy

For couples who want to create a significant impact with their invitations, begin with addressing them perfectly. They can hone their calligraphy skills with the numerous calligraphy courses or DIY tutorials available online. They will then use the acquired skills to craft the invitation cards and do adorable addresses on the envelope.

11. Add a Wash of Watercolor

Adding a watercolor wash is a simple way to recreate those stunning watercolor invitation cards posed on Pinterest. Make simple invitation cards and print them on watercolor papers. Give them an adorable watercolor wash for a costly arty effect. However, couples should avoid overdoing the watercolor to prevent the paper from misshaping.

12. Gilding the Edges

An attractive little technique that will make white invitation cards look unique and expensive is adding a touch of glam with golden edges on either envelopes or cards.

13. Tie With Tags and Twine

Ideal if the couple is considering having a rustic wedding theme. So, adding twine and a personalized kraft paper tag offers the cards a perfect customized touch. Like the ribbon, the twine helps in keeping the contents in the envelope.

14. Use Embossers

Transform the envelopes from their dull look to an adorable appearance with a customized embosser. It’s a subtle and elegant touch that guests will appreciate. They will look extremely expensive.

15. Include an Envelope Liner

Any guest won’t help but smile as he or she opens an envelope that comes with a beautiful liner concealed inside. There are many DIY tutorials online explaining how to include these liners.

16. Add a Ribbon to the Card

Adding a ribbon to the invitation card is a beautiful and perfect way to ensure other elements in the invitation, like travel details and RSVP cards, are intact. Couples can add some tag for an extra unique touch.

17. Use a Personalized Stamp

Customized stamps are a new trend, and couples can use them to make wedding invitations and put a return address on the envelope.

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