Top 5 Warehousing Mistakes to Avoid

Top 5 Warehousing Mistakes to Avoid

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Getting your own warehouse isn’t like getting a piece of cake. There is a lot of planning, execution, and monitoring needed to stay on track and special efforts to prevent any flaws in the design. A business owner must focus attentively on achieving efficiency in warehouse management and logistics to curtail costs and improve the overall customer experience. However, despite every careful step taken, a few common warehousing mistakes can often be committed without anyone even realizing it. This article goes over some of those mistakes:


Unsystematic Inventory Management

There are commonly three scenarios that have to be taken care of in warehouses – shortage of inventory, excess inventory, and storing obsolete inventory. While many owners follow a just-in-time replenishment routine, others over-prepare to meet a sudden rise in demand. Both these cases require you to spend additional operational costs and harm your annual expenses. As for stocking obsolete stock, it just consumes precious space without generating any income in return.

Inefficient Space Utilization

It is quite obvious that as your business grows, your customer base expands, and you need more space to store additional stock. However, if, in such cases, you make the mistake of sticking to your old static storage layout, you may fail immensely. You may end up under-utilizing the space and not making the best use of your warehouse building.

Ignorance Towards Latest Warehouse Technology

Your inability to take advantage of new warehouse technologies backfires in the long run. Failing to adopt upgraded procedures and collect and analyze data creates a higher degree of inefficiency in operations. It makes your business less competitive in detecting upcoming trends and adapting to market changes timely.

Less Knowledge About Material Handling Equipment

The concept of material handling involves the movement, storage, and control of products and materials throughout the warehousing process to achieve maximum efficiency. However, when the owner lacks the right knowledge in the field or deploys the wrong tools and equipment, it creates an unimaginable mess and harms warehouse operations.

Inadequate Health and Safety Management

You cannot call a tidy warehouse a safe warehouse. An efficient warehouse setup is all about eyeing hidden hazards and ensuring the well-being of workers. Despite that, the health and safety of individuals often go overlooked in busy warehouses. Remember – warehouses are dangerous working environments, and even a small negligence can either cause somebody to fall, get injured, and lose his/her life.

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