8 Common Mistakes with Gun Safety to Avoid for New Owners

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Part of using a firearm safely involves knowing what not to do. Here are common mistakes with gun safety new owners need to avoid. Do you know how to avoid the most common mistakes with gun safety? Are you prepared for the responsibility of being a gun owner? If you’ve decided to buy a gun, you need to make sure you know what you’re getting into. You must recognize the seriousness of gun safety and do everything you can to avoid making dangerous mistakes. Fortunately, we’re here to help. Below we’ll tell you about the 8 common gun safety mistakes you need to avoid making.

8 Common Mistakes with Gun Safety to Avoid for New Owners 1

1. Failing to Take Safety Training

One of the biggest mistakes that gun owners make is failing to get adequate gun safety training. Even if a friend or family member has already taught you the basics of using a gun, it’s important to go through a legitimate safety course to ensure you know all of the ins and outs of gun ownership. Operating a firearm is one thing that you don’t want to learn through experience. Instead, get proper gun safety training so that you can learn the correct steps to shooting, reloading, and cleaning your gun safely.

2. Not Talking to Children About Gun Safety

While you should learn everything you can about gun safety, you should also make sure that your family knows how to stay safe with a gun in the home as well. If you keep a gun in your house, you need to educate your children on gun safety. Even if it’s stored safely, everyone in your family should understand just how dangerous a gun can be. You should instruct your children to never touch a gun and tell an adult if they ever see one.

3. Not Knowing Gun Laws

In addition to learning the safe gun operation steps, you also need to make sure you know the gun laws in your area. You should know both the local and federal laws that apply to you and ensure that you have any required permits. Not educating yourself on gun laws can lead to big problems, and not following them may lead to jail time or fines. Be sure that you’re aware of your legal responsibilities as a gun owner to ensure you don’t run into any trouble.

4. Forgetting to Perform Safety Checks

It’s important that whenever you use a firearm that you also perform a safety check. Always check your weapon when handling it to determine whether it’s loaded or not. Many accidents have occurred with guns that were thought to be unloaded but were actually loaded. Never take anyone’s word for it, but instead, always check for yourself. Always verify whether your gun is loaded or not and ensure you know exactly what you have in your hands at any given time.

5. Handling a Gun Incorrectly

If you want to ensure gun safety, you must know how to handle your gun properly. Whether it’s loaded or unloaded, you should never treat your gun like a toy. Always handle your gun with absolute caution, and also be careful about touching the trigger. Your finger should never go near the gun’s trigger until you’re fully prepared to shoot it.

6. Leaving a Gun Out in the Open

One of the most important keys to gun safety is to make sure you’re storing your gun properly. You should store your firearm in a gun safe and ensure that it’s always secured when not in use. Keeping your gun out of reach and locked away is essential. If your gun isn’t secured properly, family members or intruders could get their hands on it and cause harm to themselves or others. By storing your gun properly, you’ll minimize the chance of accidents and will improve safety while keeping a gun in the home.

7. Not Cleaning the Gun Regularly

Another important part of gun ownership is keeping your weapon clean at all times. You should clean your gun thoroughly regularly. Aside from simply making your gun look great, cleaning your weapon will make it safer to use. A gun that isn’t cleaned may be prone to jams or produce residue that will be blown into your eyes when firing. By keeping your gun clean, you’ll prevent any functionality issues and ensure that your gun can be relied on if there is ever a need to fire it.

8. Choosing the Wrong Gun

While knowing how to use a gun safely is important, you also need to make sure you get the right weapon for your needs. You should get a gun that is right for your size and that you’ll be comfortable handling. Do your research and make sure that you find an ideal weapon for the purpose you’re buying it for. You may want to look at the gun selection at Arnzen Arms to find a gun that’s perfect for you. Additionally, make sure that you don’t purchase a cheap or poorly made holster. Using faulty holsters can cause your gun to fall and may lead to misfires and accidents.

Avoiding the Most Common Mistakes With Gun Safety

If you recently purchased a firearm, you need to make sure that you’re not making these common gun safety mistakes. By following the tips above and recognizing the importance of gun safety, you’ll be able to ensure that you and your family stay safe and secure. Trying to find more helpful gun ownership advice? Read through our blog now to find more useful tips and insights.

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