Top three mistakes that you must avoid as a trader

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The path of a successful Forex trader is not an easy one. His journey requires him to know how to deal with all the unsurmountable obstacles on the way. Aside from knowing all the things to do, a Forex trader must also know what he should not do. It will help him avert the most common issues that play major roles in eradicating his existence from the Forex world.


That’s why this article will narrate 3 rookie mistakes that often lead the traders to their career end.

Mistakes Committed by the Rookie Traders

Novice traders make many mistakes in their trading careers. But some of them are very lethal and cost their trading capital. Based on the severity of the mistakes, we will highlight the top major mistakes of the rookie traders.

Starting without taking any preparation

Swimming in a pool is always easier and safer than swimming in the ocean. Though the pool will not impose the risk of high waves and dangerous currents and teach traders how to vanquish them, it will provide the safest place to learn the basics. And at the beginning of learning anything, mastering the core concepts and features is the best approach.

Likewise, it can never be wise to jump into the Forex market without spending a few days or months. A demo account may seem like a childish tool to play around and place and execute trades. But people who do it can realize how blissful their invested time in the demo account has been.

Trading with a demo account will help a trader summarize overall Forex trading. It will be like reading a book with the title “Forex trading in a nutshell.” But the knowledge gathered will be beyond reading any book. We though appreciate a bit of reading, too if possible or enjoyed by a wannabe trader. Following a blog or taking content written by a professional have their ways to enrich a trader’s wisdom.

Indulging in Overtrading

You may find it intriguing or cannot help yourself showing the market your actual skill. You may decide to engage in a trade you don’t know about. Remember, in the options trading industry, you should never overtrade. You might think that overtrading can help you to earn more, but it causes you big trouble. A favorable win or unexpected loss can drive you to place another trade just out of greediness or vengeance.

We strongly recommend the novice traders focus on the quality trade signals only. Because the Forex market takes only a millisecond to shift its way. Successive trades can be of similar types. But the only way to find it out is to inspect it or experience it. The first is always the better way.

So, the market will never rest from creating both risky and favorable situations. The best way to make a profit in the Forex market is to play it safe. So, don’t blindly and stop overtrading.

Not minding, stop loss.

Regardless of the person’s name or proficiency in the trading business, never follow his advice if it degrades the importance of stop loss. Stop loss is more like the prime tool which can limit your loss in the options market.

Stop-loss is avoided only by the people seeking a huge profit and have a robust backing for their money. But as individual or retail traders don’t have such backing or any other source to lean their capital on, they must use anything that’s purpose is to minimize their loss.

Stop-loss is one of the best among such instruments. It will keep things under control for a trader. Beginner traders should set stop loss before every trade they place.

So, these are the three most common rookie mistakes that are liable to most failures in the Forex market. Learning and planning to keep away from them is the first step to save a trader’s career and improving his other skills.

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