Why the Integration of Technology is Key for Holistic Marketing

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Marketing in the modern age should be holistic to build a genuine brand and following. This article shows why integrating your business technology and software is the best way to get the most from these holistic marketing campaigns and customer interactions.

Holistic Marketing

What is holistic marketing?

All business sectors are crucial for brand development and sustainable revenue generation. By considering the entire marketing process, internal and external, and the whole of the business as a whole system, one can develop a holistic marketing process. It is based on the idea of holism which according to, Aristotle, ‘the whole is more than the sum of its parts.’ The idea is to develop a positive brand image and, in doing so, create a positive, ongoing customer experience using all of the available channels and processes for marketing.

In an age where reputations and brands are built online, it is critical to developing a brand about product success and includes employee buy-in, customer involvement, and stakeholder social responsibility. This will require an integrated business view that a holistic marketing campaign will facilitate. You will, however, need the technical expertise to be able to use big data and current online communication techniques to fully develop and exploit such a holistic/all-encompassing marketing process.

The importance of integrated technology

Integrating and linking the various applications, software platforms, and even hardware improves any business’s efficiencies and effectiveness. About the marketing function, the entire industry must be able to access and use relevant marketing material and company branding to develop an internal brand image. Software applications must thus be compatible with as many of the current operating systems as possible and provide safe, secure access for any business sector to analyze trends, process improvement, and communication between these sectors and with customers.

Tech and software integration is also about using the same technology platforms to link with other related businesses. Examples such as the NGP Van SMS are great to look at as they saw the non-profit sector link campaigns via SMS. Another great example is the transport and logistics apps producers, and suppliers use to create seamless supply chains.

Customers expect your brand to provide what they need and to do so quickly. The only way that this can be done is for the marketing department to share the data and information they have with production and customer services. The quicker and more seamless these technological linkages are, the easier it will be to understand and improve the customer experience in real-time and meet their needs timeously.

If your business makes the most of a holistic marketing campaign and plan, you must ensure that all internal and external technology is integrated. The modern business uses several various applications, and these must be able to share back and forth within the company to use all available data for growth and development.

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