Automobile Mag pits BMW M2 against BMW 1M

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Since its debut ultimate 12 months, the BMW M2 has time and again been compared to its predecessor, the BMW 1 Series M. It’s only natural, of direction, as the 1M set the tone for what the M2 became to turn out to be. Unfortunately for the more modern M2, it’s constantly been considered the loser of the check, with most guides claiming its predecessor to have the purity, clarity, and herbal fun thing the M2 doesn’t. It’s no longer that the M2 is numb, vague, or maybe awful; it’s simply that the 1M comes from an extraordinary time, a time before electrically powered power guidance and greater uncooked performance. However, this new comparison from Automobile Mag appears to throw the BMW M2 a chunk of a bone.

Automobile Mag pits BMW M2 against BMW 1M 1

On some twisty and scenic roads through the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina, Automobile’s oldsters had a few thrilling thoughts on the variations among each car. Sure, the BMW 1M changed into considered to be the purer vehicle, the one with extra communicative steering and extra interesting dynamics. However, now not the simplest turned of the BMW M2 faster and easier to control; however, it changed into also simply as precise as its near-mythical predecessor. “I couldn’t disagree greater with the folks that go on approximately dead-feeling electric powered power steerage and a disconnected chassis,” says racing driving force and Automobile contributor Andy Pilgrim. “Excellent weight, razor-sharp reaction, and predictable precision. The better street feels in the 1M. However, that’s it.


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That’s a large claim for the M2, that’s continuously being referred to as numb by contrast to the 1M. It’s also clean to pay attention to, as proceedings approximately numb steering is growing tiresome for all current sports activities motors. The BMW M2 is a precision device, no matter whether or not its guidance is a natural as BMW M motors of bygone technology. After a few interesting drives in the mountains, they took both cars to music to see how they carried out towards each other. Pilgrim, the professional, took both cars at the song for a few timed laps. The pleasant M2 lap bested the best 1M lap by just a few tenths, with both motors pulling in 1:21. Seventy-eight and 1:22.22 laps, respectively. A lot of that can be attributed to the M2’s DCT gearbox, so it’s nonetheless mind-blowing how the older car can keep up with its more youthful, greater powerful sibling.

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The BMW 1 Series M is borderline iconic, now, in that it’s largely considered the first-rate M vehicle of the past decade. So the BMW M2 is frequently placed down by the 1M’s legendary reputation. However, Automobile points out that the 1M was also extraordinarily restrained, with the handiest round 750 models coming to the U.S. The BMW M2, whilst complicated to get in the intervening time, received be so significantly restrained and can be extra effortlessly enjoyed with the aid of a wider audience. Whereas the 1M may be spiky and chunk you if you

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