Simple Steps for a Smooth VPS to Dedicated Server Migration

Simple Steps for a Smooth VPS to Dedicated Server Migration

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The need for higher resources to deal with the growing traffic to your website is crucial for you to transition from VPS servers to a dedicated server. Your existing server resources may not be adequate to handle the growing traffic, resulting in higher downtime or slow loading times. Such situations can be dealt with by moving to dedicated hosting plans that include dedicated disk space and higher processing power for the optimal performance of your website. Another problem when shifting to dedicated server hosting in India is running specific software applications in a VPS hosting environment. Enhanced security and better control over the functioning of your website are some other reasons for mulling a transition to dedicated hosting.

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Steps for VPS to Dedicated Server Migration

The transition from a VPS to a dedicated server should be done so as not to disturb the working of your website and the loss of crucial data stored on it. Here are some tips and steps to carry out a smooth transition.

  1. Find a Good Hosting Provider– You may choose to migrate to a dedicated server hosting plan offered by your current hosting provider or go for a new company. This will depend on your resource requirements, the pricing of such hosting plans, and several other factors like the level of support and features included in the hosting plans.
  2. Check the Server IP Address– Ensure that the new IP for your dedicated server has not been blocked. This will help you save a lot of hassle in the future.
  3. Keep Your VPS Plan Active for Some Time– A hassle-free transition of servers requires certain precautions like retaining your current VPS hosting account till all the data stored on the VPS server is successfully transferred.
  4. Don’t Change Any Content– Do not change your website data until the migration is completed. This will prevent the loss of data.
  5. Back-Up Your Data– Make sure to take a complete backup of all your website files and database before switching over to dedicated server hosting in India.
  6. Install Software and Apps First– The uploading of all your files and database on the new server should be preceded by installing all web apps on your VPS.
  7. Transfer Your Emails– Ensure the seamless transfer of all email IDs to your website to the new dedicated server before switching DNS records.
  8. Test the New Server– After transferring all your files, database, web apps, software, and emails to the new server, test it. Check whether all the links and images on your website are functioning normally.
  9. Update the DNS Records– The next step is to update the DNS records with information related to your dedicated server. Doing this will send the traffic to your website to the new IP address. However, the transfer of DNS from VPS to a dedicated server may result in downtime that can last up to 24 hours.
  10. Cancel Your VPS Plan– Once the migration is complete and your website is operational on the new server, you can go ahead and cancel your VPS plan.

For a smooth migration, you can also take the help of your hosting provider. Dedicated server hosting providers in India offer to complete the transition on your behalf.

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