7 Reasons Why Business Websites Must Have an Onsite Blog

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Did You Know?

Companies that have their own blog attract fifty percent more visitors as compared to organizations that don’t. (Stat courtesy of Hubspot.com) The advent of the internet and the introduction of digital marketing has leveled the playing field for everyone. Businesses and individuals have various options to increase their visibility in response to around three trillion searches every year by online users through search engines. Creating onsite blogs is one such strategy that can help businesses compete, grow and sustain…


We welcome you to the discussion where we would explain why business websites must have an onsite blog. So, let’s get started.


Onsite Blog Reinforces Your Digital Presence

Internet is a haystack of competitors and information – as such, your existence is like a needle in a haystack. Your chance of being found in this haystack is only possible if you use all the tools and create the right content to glimmer your presence. From website SEO and social media to an onsite blog—you must use every tool at your disposal. And when you have an onsite blog,

  • Your blog = More information
  • More information = More website pages
  • More pages = More content for indexing
  • More search engine indexing = More visibility
  • More visibility = Stronger the presence.

Onsite Blog Allows you to Implement a Coordinated Marketing Strategy.

A website and an onsite blog – these two are just some of the tools which you can utilize to implement your digital marketing strategy. The more dispersed these tools are, the more difficult it is to customize, monitor, and implement a coordinated marketing strategy. By having an onsite blog, you can cut some of these management hassles. You will be able to manage both of your marketing tools through the same platform. As a result, your efforts will be streamlined and coordinated.

Onsite Blog Allows You to Establish Brand Uniformity

Brand uniformity is important when it comes to identification and the quality of being relatable. If you have an offsite blog that is stationed on a separate digital shore, it can sometimes be difficult to maintain brand uniformity. When there is no brand uniformity, you won’t be able to establish authenticity. An onsite blog helps you maintain a consistent personality, promoting authenticity and retaining the customers and site visitors.

Onsite Blog Acts as a Medium of Communication

Quite often, a response to an email, filling a contact form, or communication through social media channel is not convenient for your followers. An onsite blog helps establish another medium of communication. Your followers and customers can drop their query or message in the comment section provided at the end of a blog. This improves customer interaction and engagement.

Onsite Blog Serves as an Opportunity to Become an Industry Thought Leader

Why should anyone be interested in providing information which answers customer concerns and queries rather than selling its services?

  • The answer is simple.
  • When you are helping your customers and readers, You are acquiring their trust.
  • When you are acquiring their trust, You generate more leads.
  • When you have more leads, You have increased conversion.
  • As Robert Rose from Content Marketing Institute explains:
  • To get an “R,” you have to give a part of your “I.,” And this is the secret to a higher ROI.

In fact, the best serving example to back this statement is the Furrow magazine from John Denver. By educating their customers on the practices and trends of the farming and forestry industry, the company has established itself as an industry thought leader while generating huge revenue through sales of their products. There are plenty of successful blogging case studies where websites and businesses could generate additional profits by providing valuable content to their customers and readers.

Onsite Blog Increases Time Spent by Visitors On Your Website

An onsite blog helps you keep your readers engaged, thereby increasing your website’s total time. This is not possible through other web pages as they are meant to be precise and do not allow webmasters to explore topics that interest the readers. Hence,

The more time spent = The greater the opportunity to nurture a prospect.

Onsite Blog Helps You to Grow Internally as an Organization

Humans love to be part of a process where we can have a positive and value-added contribution. By having an onsite blog, you can invite your employees to post regular content. This updated content facilitates the customers with their needs while providing an automated method of content updating. The combined synergy work towards improving the business’s presence and allow your employees to feel they are part of a positive movement—increased employee satisfaction results in an improved workplace environment.

Onsite blogging provides you with the opportunity to grow your business. The only question is:

Are You Ready to Take This Opportunity?

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