2017 Sneaker Trends That Every Woman Should Know

2017 Sneaker Trends That Every Woman Should Know

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Sneaker reigned the year 2016 and now the trend is being carried forward in the year. Well, they are super comfortable and have defined the chic look. Heels cannot lose their charm, but for now, we are all crazy about sneakers.

The basic white sneakers are a must! We have super five types of trending sneakers for this year. To know what are they, keep reading! Before we begin, to start hunting those perfect sneakers for you this season, hoard Shoppers Stop, it’s our favourite for shoe shopping!

Some celeb inspiration


Chunky Sport Sneakers

When a sporty appeal is added to the usual chic design, more people reach out to it. Same applies with the chunky sports sneakers! Alia Bhatt to Kendall Jenner cannot stop strutting around in these!

E:\Work\SEO\Tissha\Jan\Sneakers\chunky-sport-2.jpg E:\Work\SEO\Tissha\Jan\Sneakers\chunky-sport-1.jpg




High-top Sneakers

A little-limited trend that is yet to unveil its effect. We have seen it in limited number, though, but we are sure it will slowly but will flag around soon.

E:\Work\SEO\Tissha\Jan\Sneakers\high-top-3.jpg E:\Work\SEO\Tissha\Jan\Sneakers\high-top-1.jpg

Pop Colour Sneakers

The usual comfort of sneakers with apop of colour!



Metallic Sneakers

The metallic rage is trending from nails to sneakers, you will spot them everywhere in this year!

E:\Work\SEO\Tissha\Jan\Sneakers\metallic-2.jpg E:\Work\SEO\Tissha\Jan\Sneakers\metallic-1.jpg

Flatform Sneakers

Flatform is all around this year, so why not have flatform sneakers!



Aren’t you already loving all the sneakers, why wait then? Shop them at Shoppers Stop to get your hands on the latest ones!

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