5 Japanese Skin Care Formulas That Help You to Look Younger

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With the special secret skincare formulas and anti-aging beauty rituals of Japan, Japanese women never seem to be aged! By looking at them, it seems that they’ve found secret formulas to be young looking forever! I’ve seen many aged Japanese women, but I didn’t find any wrinkle on their skins’ seriously! Basically, they use their secret formulas to treat their skins, unlike us. And I surprisingly have to say that they have better skincare formulas than us!

So, as Japanese skincare is one of the world’s best skincare formulas, I decided to share some of their anti-aging secret formulas with you so that by using them, you can also get better and younger-looking skin for a long time. By spending only extra 10 minutes a day, you can dramatically improve your skin’s complexion and texture! Don’t be surprised, it’s proved!

1. Use Gentle Skin Cleanser:

Remember, the gentler the products are, the safer they are! Japanese women are more likely to use natural skin care products instead of alcohol or lots of chemical-based products. They like those skin cleanser products which contain a few amounts of chemicals and more amounts of natural ingredients. These gentle products make the skin softer and hydrated.


Cleanser products wash away the bacteria from your skin to ensure better health of the skin. As with Japanese women, if you wash your skin with a gentle cleanser before bedtime, it will make your skin healthier and shiny. Along with that, these cleansers cost less money too.

2. Use Skin Softener:

Skin softeners are just like adding some freshness splash to the skin. Japanese women, almost all of them use a skin softener. Basically, the Japanese women apply it before applying some moisturizer on the skin. These softeners moisture the skin and bring softness to the dehydrated skin. Along with that, it also makes complexion to the skin. To use the softener, you should wash your face properly with a gentle cleanse and gently apply it onto the face and wait until it absorbs into the full skin. For better results, you need to apply this method daily before moisturizing your skin.

3. Use Collagen Rich Products:

In Japan, Collagen products are all the rage! Japanese take and use rich collagen ingredients as much as they can. They take collagen cookies, collagen drinks, collagen powders, collagen masks, collagen supplements, even collagen gloves! Taking rich collagen products is the trend of Japan. They believe (Oh, I’m not sure!) that collagen products are good for skincare, so they always try to use youthful, glowing skin we dream of!

5. Take Face Massages:

There is a face massager in every Japanese woman’s skincare kit. They use the beauty roller face massager every day. While other people spend their leisure time watching movies or something else, Japanese women use their hands to massage their skin with a small face massager at that time. All of the Japanese women won a face massager, and they swear by the small beauty roller. You may use the roller to treat your skin while watching a movie.

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