What Products to Use After Having Hip Surgery to Ensure Safety

What Products to Use After Having Hip Surgery to Ensure Safety

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After a hip replacement surgery, the days of recovery will be a little different. You will find that you have mobility issues and you can’t do things that you could before having the surgery, especially if you don’t have mobility aids. A hip replacement surgery can be painful and frustrating, so you don’t want to take chances about the experience you have when recovering. If you are used to being independent and taking care of yourself and your own needs, you can make things easier by seeking products to help you with mobility and other challenges you face in day-to-day tasks like bathing, going to the toilet, and reaching out for things in the house.

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Walking Aids

You need items like a cane or walker after a hip replacement surgery. These walking aids will help you to get around safely and prevent injuring the recovering hip. Having a front wheel walker or some crutches helps you feel stable and comfortable while walking. When selecting walking aids, make sure they have the firmness and the grip to ensure they don’t slip out of hands or they don’t skid the ground. They should also be light but sturdy to ensure they don’t create difficulties when lifting them to make steps.

Raised Toilet Seat and Safety Frame

A hip replacement surgery won’t allow you to bend down excessively or be in an uncomfortable seated position. You therefore need to have toilet seat raisers that help adjust the height of the toilet to help you get on and off with ease. The raised toilet seat will ensure you don’t crouch too low and you don’t sit uncomfortably when using the toilet. A commode chair may also help you use the toilet. Besides, you can have a toilet safety frame that makes you support yourself when getting on and getting off the toilet bowl.

Grab Bars and Rails

In areas like the toilet, shower, and bathtub, you can have grab bars fitted to increase your safety when using the toilet and bathroom. These fixtures help ensure you make safe transfers to the bathrooms and toilet. Rails may also be put on the stairway to help you climb and go down the stairs safety.

Reachers and Tongs

While at home recovering from a hip replacement surgery you will find it straining and frustrating to reach out to things you want. It may be a pair of stocking, an item on the countertop, or something hanging on the wall, a reacher can come in handy when you want to get things from lower and higher levels. A reacher may also help you when you want to put clothes on parts of the body that are lower like the foot. You can also use tongs in place of reachers. Tongs can also help an individual with hygiene care when they use the toilet.

There are many products available that you may need in order to make your life easier and comfortable when recovering from a hip replacement surgery. So make sure you understand your mobility needs and select the right products. Choose products that are designed using quality materials and provide a firm grip while also preventing slippage or sliding to avoid accidents, which could mean injuring your just reconstructed hip.

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