Apple’s Next iPhone iOS Might Save Your Life

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From the CDC: This photo indicates teenage girls texting even as driving. You can see her interest is on the telephone, and now not at the roadway, thereby increasing the level of threat of being worried in a dangerous vehicular accident, now not simplest for her, however different motor automobile operators and pedestrians, as properly. CDC/Amanda Mills. This picture is certified under Public Domain. This photograph is a piece of America’s government.

Apple's Next iPhone iOS Might Save Your Life 1

From the CDC: This photo shows a teenage girl texting even as driving. You can see her attention isn’t always on the roadway, thereby growing the level of danger of an accident, not best for her, but for different automobiles and pedestrians as nicely.
There’s no manner that we will persuade people to forestall texting while driving. It’s exceptionally risky, selfish, and reckless. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, distracted using killed at least three,477 people in 2015 by myself. Many states have outlawed texting whilst riding, together with my own state of Maryland. However, every day, I pass human beings on busy roads who are searching for their phones.

The best solution is technological. The smartphone itself desires to forestall distracting you even as you’re using it. People are not going to put their telephones down voluntarily. Apple’s iOS eleven, coming this autumn, subsequently gives a solution. It may not solve the problem entirely, but it will possibly shop lives. The solution is quite simple, technically speaking. Your smartphone already knows while it’s on a roadway, and it is aware that it is moving. So the phone’s software–iOS, if it is an Apple cellphone–can truly disable any apps that would purpose distractions.

Apple’s preview of iOS11 says it’ll do extra than that. It will not only silence all incoming calls, text messages, and other notifications; however, it will textual content people back robotically and inform them that you’re riding. You’ll still use maps and GPS for directions, a beneficial characteristic that many human beings just can’t do without (and that does not motive visitors injuries). This is an exquisite idea. This is long past due. One huge caveat: Apple couldn’t resist permitting passengers inside the automobile to override the do-not-disturb mode, which I assume is a pretty horrible idea. I doubt that the smartphone will recognize whilst a passenger simply palms it to the driver; however, I’ll have to wait and see how Apple carried out this override characteristic. I wish it is, in reality, difficult to do.

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