A Guide To Porto And Douro Tours

A Guide To Porto And Douro Tours

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Traveling is a fantastic use of one’s time and effort. This is because the planet earth is so full of wonderful, amazing places. The earth is a very diverse place; there are multiple climates, terrain, cultures, languages, elevations. There are different types of water bodies in different areas. This includes rivers, streams, ponds, oceans, and creeks, just to name a few. The list of tree species is enormous. Oaks, pines, poplars, dogwood, maple, walnut, and palm are just a few of the various types of trees found in different parts of the world. There are also many bushes, flowers, vines, and so many other types of plants. Each of these plants grows in a specific climate, and each climate is found in a different part of the world. Some areas are dry and hot, some wet and hot. Other places are so cold that all of the water stays frozen throughout the year, or at least most of the year. Not to mention all of the histories that each area of earth holds.

A Guide To Porto And Douro Tours 1

History of the land, the people who first lived there, new people that discovered the area. There is also the history of wars that were fought and won or lost, memories of those who fought. Not to mention the animal life that has come and gone. If you have the opportunity to travel for fun, there are some places that you will most certainly be adding to your list of places to go. Although, there are several places that you may not have considered that are fantastic destinations. The obvious choices are always Rome, Paris, Mount Everest. Two small areas in Portugal may not be on your radar yet, but rest assured, they will be after reading this. These places are called Porto and Douro, and they are located near each other in the North of Portugal. Here you will find a list of information to help you plan an amazing trip to Porto or Douro, as well as tips and advice.

Both of these amazing places are quite famous for their wine. Porto is responsible for the incredibly famous Port Wine; its name comes from Porto’s name. The Douro Valley is also quite popular for its wide assortment of wines, wine cellars, and wine tastings. There are even tours dedicated to showing tourists the amazing variety of wine available in Porto and Douro. Some of the tours include meals, while others are only about the wine itself. Some take you to many different tastings throughout the course of the tour, while others show you some of the popular wine cellars and take you to tastings. There is something for everyone. One tour boasts that it takes you to seven different tastings before heading in. You can be assured that you will be presented with more wine than you have ever seen in one place before. Most local tour companies offer some type of wine tour; it simply comes down to preference when choosing one. If you take one of these wine tours in Porto (or the Douro for that matter), you can be assured that you will have the chance to try the famous Port wine that garnered its name from the area.

If wine is not your thing, there is much more to love about these two areas. One of these things is the rich history of the place. One section of Porto even has World Heritage protection status, which is not given lightly. It takes something extraordinary to gain this level of protection. There are also many beautiful sights to see. There are beach areas (Porto is a coastline city), town areas, gorgeous stately bridges, amazing buildings, and boats to catch the eye. There are several tours available if you are looking for a guided experience. There are walking tours, boat tours, half-day tours, and bike tours. Not to mention the special historical tours and sightseeing tours. There really is a tour experience for every personality. Of course, if guided tours are not for you, there is always the option of exploring on your own. If you are interested in exercising while you tour, a bike tour is exactly what you need. If you love taking your time and looking at everything there is to be seen, a walking tour is ideal. Half-day tours generally span a lot of different sights and generally include lunch; boat tours will take you on a journey right down Douro River, where you will be able to see so many sights.

If you have decided to travel to Porto or Douro and want to take a tour, you will need to find a great company that fits with what you are looking for. Not all tour companies offer every type of tour, so you will need to decide early on which type of tour you are interested in. This will make choosing a tour company that much easier. Once you know what type of tour you want to take, you will want to compare the companies’ prices that provide that exact type of tour. One great tour company that offers basically any type of tour you could possibly want is O Porto and Douro Moments. If you want to learn more about their tours, pricing, and guidelines, be sure to head over to their website oportoanddouromoments.

If you can’t seem to decide on the company that you want to book a tour with, just compare and contrast until a clear winner appears. Keep in mind the whether you take a guided tour or not, it takes approximately two days to see everything there is to see in Porto and Douro. Be sure to plan your stay there accordingly. One of the most common ways to visit Porto and Douro is a stopover while traveling to other places. When you are undertaking a large trip, it is important to allow yourself enough time in each place and adequate time to rest a bit. Porto and Douro provide exactly the amount of relaxation that you will absolutely love.

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