5 Smart Tips to Clean and Maintain your Old Hardwood Floors

5 Smart Tips to Clean and Maintain your Old Hardwood Floors

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Wooden floors are the most charming, classy, and timeless options that can last for years if properly taken care of. Though they are reasonably tough, they take a major hit from heavy footfall and regular food spills. That is why homeowners must pay constant attention to protect them from all sorts of damage and keep them in pristine condition. Things get a little trickier when the wooden flooring becomes a few years old. The top layers of lacquer or oil start wiping off, and the wood becomes highly vulnerable to abrasions and dents. These small marks and indentations develop into deeper, larger scratches and lead to irreparable damage over time.

5 Smart Tips to Clean and Maintain your Old Hardwood Floors 1

However, to avoid that from happening, consider following these expert tips:

Choose the right vacuum:

Choose the vacuum with better suction power, and that is right for your wooden floors. Vacuums can suck all the dust and dirt floating on your wood floor. You can choose to vacuum your floor once a week.

Mopping wood floors:

The best way to clean hardwood floors is to mop or wipe them. Dirt, oil, and grime can build up over time and aren’t entirely removed by a weekly dusting. Use a wood floor mop and a cleaning product diluted according to the label instructions. Wet a mop rag and spray the solution over it. After wiping the floor with the damp cloth, switch on the fan for the floor to dry; otherwise, it will trap the moisture and lead to mold growth.

Use natural cleaners:

Mainly, the floor cleaners are recommended by the manufacturers. But if your floor is old and you cannot contact the manufacturer, pick a specifically made product for cleaning hardwood floors. Avoid using vinyl or tile floor cleaners as these products will damage, rather than clean, wood floors. The best and easiest way to clean is using natural or homemade cleaners if you are confused about the ones available in the market. Make use of a common kitchen staple- vinegar. Add 1/2 cup of white vinegar to a gallon of lukewarm water and spray it on the mop rag. Then wipe it on your floor. Choosing this remedy will help you save a lot of money on cleaners.

Removing stains on hardwood floors:

You should know the type of finish your floor has. If the stain stays, that means it has a hard finish, such as urethane. If it penetrates into the floor, that means it has a soft oiled finish. Never use sandpaper, steel wool, or harsh chemicals for wiping surface stains from hardwood floors since they can permanently damage the finish.

Here are some remedies for hardwood floors with a soft oiled finish:

  • For removing dark spots, use No. 000 steel wool and floor wax.
  •  Use fine steel wool to remove to rub floor wax for heel marks.
  • In case of oil-based stains, rub the area with a soft cloth and dish detergent to break down the grease and rinse with clean water.

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