Eye Exam Misconceptions Everyone Should Know

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Every person in the world will tell you that healthy eyes are critical. However, around 50% of people get an annual eye exam. This is counter-intuitive, but it is something that happens. A VSP survey showed us that most people skip these exams because vision correction is unnecessary, eye exams are too expensive, or no vision insurance is present. These are actually all reasons that are connected to eye exam misconceptions. We thus need to clear the air to bust the myths.

Eye Exam

Look at all the eye exam misconceptions presented below from Spectera vision insurance to learn the truth.

Myth – You Do Not Need Eye Exams

You might think you never need an eye exam if you do not wear contact lenses or glasses. You might not know that eye doctors will help you detect the signs of severe conditions and diseases. This is possible through comprehensive eye exams, like high cholesterol and blood pressure.

Even if you never needed vision correction, your eyes change when you age. You were most likely younger in the past, and objects could have been seen really up close. As you are older, things become blurry. Vision changes can easily be caught early when going to the eye doctor for an annual eye examination.

Myth – Children Only Need Eye Exams When School Starts

Contrary to popular belief, the first eye examination for a child should be done at 6 months. Most parents do not know this. After the first appointment, eye examinations must be taken when the child is 3. Then, it is needed before elementary school, and you have to do this yearly.

The annual eye exams for your children are essential. This is because children cannot articulate things they cannot properly see. Such a thing is really problematic. Statistics show that 80% of parents believe eye exams will help children much better when in school. Also, 50% of parents only schedule eye examinations when the child complains about vision problems.

It is essential that parents fully understand how important eye care is for children of literally all ages. Always respect the recommendations of the doctor. If he tells you that you must come for an exam at a specific time, this is what you have to do. A failure to do this might lead to an unwanted situation in which the child develops an eye-related condition that is not caught early.

You surely do not want your child to suffer. You must schedule that essential first visit at the appropriate age.

Myth – It Is Expensive To Receive Proper Vision Insurance

The truth is you need to find vision insurance plans that will fit you and the eye care needs of your family. The same thing can be said about your budget.

Unfortunately, many think that vision insurance is costly. This is incorrect. In reality, you can easily choose a very good vision insurance policy. However, you will need to research the potential savings you can access, together with other perks, like lens enhancements and eyewear allowances. Look for a plan that allows you to save money on the next eye exam.

The best thing that you can do is to not hurry. Make the best choices and be patient. Make the best choices and be patient. The worst decisions are those made when you do not consider all your options.

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