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Also known as the Sunshine City, Florida, apart from being famous for its beautiful weather, sight scenes, amazing beaches, seafood, it also has many adventure trips and most amusing parks. While Florida is known for its beaches, fewer people know about the cypress forests, sinkholes, and the fun and beauty of sit in the swamps.

Now that it is summertime, everyone plans a vacation, and what can be a better destination for summers than a place with all beaches and with them the best adventure. Yes, Florida it is! It has one of the best beaches and is on our top list for this summer vacation. So, to save your time and efforts, we have prepared a list of the best places you probably didn’t know about in Florida and to have a whole lot more fun this summer.


The place where all the fantasies and dreams come to reality is the place called Florida’s world-famous Walt Disney World. It is the home of Dreams, a land for children. All those cartoon characters of Walt Disney that we have ever loved, and which are an indispensable part of our childhood, are present at one place. There are fun rides, magic shows, animal adventures, and whatnot. About 60000 people are enacting the various Disney characters and performing about 3,00,000 roles. There are hotels inside, places to dine, and shopping areas—a complete package for everyone to enjoy, from a child to an adult. You might have to wait in queues for hours but to see the children awestruck in love and amusement is what you don’t want to miss after all. But you can book your advance tickets to Florida and Disneyland to avoid wasting your time in long queues. Simply use your SBI credit card to book the tickets. Also, big discounts on your bookings through SBI credit card offers. So, this summer, pack your bags and fly your children to the world of Disney and make it a memorable trip for them.


Known as the center of international finance and commerce, Miami in Florida is equally famous for its beaches. It is the best place to chill in the summers. We all know beaches are no less than a paradise for tourists and retirees. Thus, Miami beach becomes a great place to hit in the hot weather. There are many beaches in Miami, and each beach has its own special attraction. North shore park beach, Crandon Park beach, Golden beach, and south beach are amongst the best ones. There are many amazing celebrity chef eateries in south beach. Also, this is the beach for you if you love to enjoy nightlife and nightspots. Around the Lummus park are amazing sand spots and ground for children and fitness equipment as well. Some of the beaches are very famous for the greenery. Already excited enough, No!?


Clearwater is a renowned family beach and is an amazing destination. Known for its 3-mile-long marvelous shoreline, brilliant climate, and long, tight boundary reef is a white sand beach. It is situated between the Gulf of Mexico and Tampa Bay, northwest of St. Petersburg. Clearwater Marine Aquarium is a place where you can go with your children. It would not be right to say that this place is only for kids but to escape the other theme parks’ hustle and commotion, this place is appropriate. This will prove to be the best place to relax on the beach. Move your feet around Pier 60 and admire the beauty of paints and the crowd, along with artists sitting and painting the sunset. Fancy hotels, resorts, bars, and restaurants are not in a great number, so you won’t have to compromise on your comfort. You can take your companions and family to a moccasin lake nature park or cherish the playful dolphins in the bay.


Dry Tortuga’s national park is all about open water and multiple mini size islands. It is around 70miles from key West to this amazing place. This place is much different than other beaches and parks of Florida camping is your accommodation because this place doesn’t have any hotels. The dream of a night under the sky and at the edge of the sea comes true at this place. Tranquillity and silence are what you will mostly experience when u reach a place far from the city’s hustle and life. This place is world-acclaimed for the enormous nineteenth-century Fort Jefferson situated on Garden Key and additionally clear blue waters, flourishing coral reefs, and rich marine life. Come and visit Loggerhead Key and its beacon and various ocean turtles. Jumpers adore Loggerhead Reef, with the Windjammer Wreck, a ship that sank in 1875.

This can be an amazing place for a trip in the summers with your family.


This place has an interesting history behind it. It is named after Marie Selby, who used to live there along with her husband 50 years back. She was a big nature lover. She died in 1971, and soon after her death, the land was left open for the general public. It is situated in Sarasota, Florida. This place is unique because it is the home to epiphyte plants, which are native to this place and can be found only here around the globe. It’s a research place, and the scientific staff here have discovered more than 2,000 plant species. The property collections include an herbarium of more than 110,000 dried and pressed specimens and over 30,000 preserved in fluids, with some of the rarest data back to the 1700s. This place will not fail to amuse you and can be a good place to visit this summer.


Making its Mark among the unspoiled and untouched beauty of Naples beaches, the corkscrew swamp sanctuary is amongst the list of “must-see” places of Florida. It provides an extraordinary experience to its visitors. This sanctuary is believed to be 800 years old. It is an excellent place for environmental learning and heaven for environmentalists. Many birds are permanent residents of the Sanctuary, including egrets, ibis, heron, limpkin, and anhinga. Barred Owls nest near the boardwalk and add their distinctive hoot to the aviary symphony. It also includes warblers and Painted Buntings. It’s a boardwalk of 2.25 miles that can be best experienced in the morning. We come to cross wetlands, Cypress Forrest, true native wildlife. Muttering of birds and a silence that connects your soul with nature. For all those nature lovers, this place is just for you.

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