US calls on Iran to halt support for ‘destabilizing forces’

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On Saturday, the United States stated it was hoping Hassan Rouhani, Iran’s newly re-elected president, will halt his united states’ help for “destabilizing forces,” stop ballistic missile exams, and perform democratic reforms in the course of his second time period. “We hope that if Rouhani desired to trade Iran’s relationship with the rest of the world, those are the matters he could do,” secretary of state Rex Tillerson stated in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, where he changed into accompanying President Donald Trump.

US calls on Iran to halt support for ‘destabilizing forces’ 1


Rouhani, a cleric who, with an overseas minister, Javad Zarif, broke the taboo of maintaining direct talks with the US and reached a global deal in 2015 to scale back Iran’s nuclear program in going back for relief from monetary sanctions, won 57 percent of the vote in Friday’s election. He defeated Ebrahim Raisi, a hardline cleric and acolyte of Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, who holds the last energy in Iran’s complicated, hybrid system of theocratic and Republican factors.

Trump’s administration is possible to hold setting stress on Iran over its gun packages, as well as what it sees as Tehran’s efforts to destabilize the Middle East, former US officers and analysts stated. Supporters of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani collect as they have fun his victory inside Tehran’s presidential election. (REUTERS) Jubilant scenes In Tehran and throughout Iran, there have been jubilant scenes as thousands of Rouhani supporters took to the streets, singing and dancing.

Supporters of Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani rejoice in his victory in the presidential elections in Tehran. (REUTERS) They wore the pink colorations of Rouhani’s marketing campaign and green to signify the reformist protests that were brutally placed down in 2009. Police attempted to disperse human beings invaluable Vali Asr Square, announcing they no longer had a permit to gather. However, the crowd changed into too big to manipulate. “We’ve completed what I wanted, which became now not Mr. Rouhani himself, but the route of reform, freedom, and progress,” stated Pegah, a 25-yr-vintage inside the crowd.

A big seventh three-percentage turnout forced election officials to increase balloting via several hours on Friday. Raise, 56, had sold himself as a defender of the poor and called for a more difficult line with the West; however, his innovative rhetoric and promise of increased handouts gained limited traction. The end result “indicates that Iranian humans now not agree within monetary populism and radical trade,” stated Ali Vaez, Iran analyst at the International Crisis Group suppose tank.

Putin, Assad congratulate

Russia, which fights along with Iran in aid of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, became many of the first to congratulate Rouhani. Supporters of newly re-elected Iranian President Hassan Rouhani take to the streets to rejoice in downtown Tehran’s victory on May 20. (AFP Photo)
President Vladimir Putin sent a telegram confirming “his readiness to keep active joint work... In keeping with preserving stability and safety within the Middle East and the sector,” the Kremlin said. Assad additionally praised Rouhani for incomes “the accept as true with (of) the Iranian humans.

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