Email verification: the best tool for marketers

Email verification: the best tool for marketers

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Email marketing is a rapidly growing industry. More than 70% of business owners worldwide say they are making it their top priority in 2018, as the revenue it returns is impressive: $44 for every $1 spent. Sending newsletters to your subscribers is more effective than posting on social media, and the chance to connect more deeply with your audience is a remarkable benefit. Despite all these advantages, there is one challenge marketers face when using email marketing: deliverability. Email verification is the best tool to ensure that your emails are reaching your customers.

Most marketers focus on growing their email list, but paying attention to its quality is key. You may be happy that you’ve managed to expand your database, as the bigger the audience, the greater the chances to increase your sales. At the same time, you have to keep in mind that some of the email addresses in your list are invalid, fake, or abandoned. When people sign up for your email, they sometimes misspell their address. Other people may have opted for your newsletters, but they have changed their address and abandoned the old one. And then, some bots sign up just to ruin your deliverability rates. That leaves you with many useless and risky email verifier can help you tremendously.


What does great email verification software do:

  • Scans and analyzes your email list to check for duplicates, invalid addresses, spam traps, catch-all, and toxic domains, and disposable emails
  • Removes all the dead and risky email addresses, leaving your list clean and healthy
  • Helps you boost your deliverability by up to 98%
  • Improves your sender reputation
  • Adds important information to your lists, such as the name, location, and gender of the email address’s owner

ZeroBounce is the most reliable and one of the most affordable email verification systems on the market. It cleans up your email list for a friendly price and will prove to be the best tool you can use to boost your email marketing and get the results you are expecting from your campaigns.

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