Traveling by Plane With Your Steam Roller

Traveling by Plane With Your Steam Roller

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With so many awesome things happening worldwide, especially in North America, for weed legalization on all fronts, it might be easy to think that traveling with some weed-related items shouldn’t be too much of a hassle. Tons of states have legalized the consumption of cannabis for either medical or recreational reasons. The attitudes and stigmas attached to marijuana and all of its forms have significantly improved in recent years. Despite all that, TSA airport security remains a federal government entity, and there have not been any moves in legalizing weed on a federal level. This means any drugs and drug paraphernalia are prohibited and can be criminally punished. That includes the awesome, giant steam roller you really wanted to bring to your friend in Colorado to show off too. Luckily, it isn’t entirely out of the question to travel with these types of items; you just have to make sure to prepare yourself.  The only reason shops can sell things such as pipes, bongs, and grinders are because they use a great little loophole that allows them to sell all these items for “tobacco use only.” By stating that it is not their intention for anybody to ever use their products to smoke illicit drugs, they protect themselves entirely, and it is up to individuals what they do with them.


That means if you can make that handy dandy steam roller of yours appear like it’s never been used for the devil’s lettuce, then you’re clear to fly within Canada or the United States pretty much anywhere without having much to worry about. Basically, you just need to be sure that the pipe or whatever you’re bringing is 100% free of any and all residues in every tiny nook and cranny possible. It needs to be impeccably clean if you’re going to travel by air with it, so don’t be lazy and really put some effort into it before your flight. Use 90% rubbing alcohol and coarse salt to scrub away every speck of residue with the least struggle, and be respectful and calm when letting them inspect your luggage. Of course, security guards can vary from person to person and airport to airport, so be aware that there are always exceptions for this kind of thing.

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