The Different Types of Promotional Items

The Different Types of Promotional Items

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Marketing can be taken as a specific function of the business that focuses not just on the promotion of the product, but also takes into consideration the importance of sending out that product, the psychographic idea that consumers have of the product, how well it has affected them and if it has affected them at all. These are promotional activities that companies take into consideration in their business plan while launching and selling a new product, in order to come to terms with their four Ps of Marketing that is, product, price, place, and promotion.

While all products are given equal important to be promoted, there are certain that cannot be done in a very traditional manner. As promotion is a part of marketing a product itself, it is necessary to market the product in more than one ways. In the current times, it became rather important to take into account social media, printing companies, and media and so on. This depends on the kind of pricing model that the company has, but is usually manageable with these resources. One important firm in this regard is the printing company. Your company will have a unique brand that also sells with the product, since it is not just the product that is selling. Therefore, promoting the brand logo and name, is a good promotional technique for promoting your product as well.




Promotional activities involve the promotion of different kinds of products as well. There could be niche products, semi-niche products, essential products or even luxury products. Understanding the difference between these is rather important, as your promotional strategies will depend on the same. For example, take into consideration a very niche product, say microscopes. The need for a microscope will come into picture when there are scientists, or for laboratories in schools and colleges. There is high demand for these only in these particular places. A microscope will be a niche product for the entire market, because their demand is only there in very few areas. Now, consider a rather regular product like shampoo. The promotional strategies for marketing a shampoo will definitely involve a lot of cost, advertising, and so on, because the market they are in, is actually a perfect competition. In the case of microscopes, there is a monopoly, because there is no other product like that which is niche and is only demanded for in certain places.
Whenever there is a need for companies to promote their product, they should know how well they will be able to adjust to other elements like the price, place and the product itself. The unique selling price of the product will be the key element to actually sell the product. The pricing of the product will follow that and will help understanding whether the product is a regular, niche or a luxury good. Therefore, strategies will change accordingly.
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