Best Countries to Open a Business Outside the United States

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Are you looking to open a business but ready to fulfill your dreams of living abroad? Many business opportunities exist in countries around the world, so it may very well be possible to accomplish both goals at once. But, before you collect your passport and pack your bags, it is important to do plenty of research and planning. You certainly do not want your overseas venture to turn into the biggest mistake of your life. With proper planning, that worry is obsolete.

Is it Time to Open a Business Overseas?

Anyone who can get a passport can travel overseas and open a business, even without a lot of cash. No experience is needed to open a business, though it does help if you’re professional and can use basic office and computer equipment. You should determine the type of business you want to open, create a business plan, decide how you’ll wow your customers, and plan for housing in your new country. Before you hop on a plane, consider the following:

  • Have you found this property? Will you rent or buy a home in the new country? You’ll need to have housing arranged before departing the country.
  • Have you secured a location for your business? Property is sometimes hard to come by, so don’t wait until arrival to take this step.
  • Are you capable of getting a passport and other required documents needed to travel out of the U.S.?
  • Do you have funding to travel internationally? Apply for a term business loan if you need help gathering the money to begin your venture.

Best Countries to Open a Business

If you want to open a business internationally, location is everything. Some countries provide more opportunities, fewer risks, and better profits than others. Before you make big plans for your business, it is ideal to familiarize yourself with the best and worst countries to start a business. Some of the best countries to create a business include:

  • New Zealand: Just two days, and your business is incorporated and ready to open in New Zealand. A well-educated workforce and good potential earnings should persuade you to look at this beautiful country when starting your business.
  • Singapore: Not only is it inexpensive to live in the country but opening a business quickly, averaging just three days to start. Plus, starting a company in this country won’t cost a small fortune.
  • Thailand: Another Asian country ranks as one of the best to open a business, Thailand. Although foreign-owned companies are subject to the Foreign Business Act and are limited on the type of business they can open, it is an affordable place to open a company with good odds of success.

Final Thoughts

Becoming a business owner is exciting for anyone ready to live the good life. However, there are even greater perks offered when you choose to take your desire to open a business outside the U.S. Consider one of the best countries listed above to open your new business and enjoy a fresh, lovely life in another country as a business owner!

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