Types Of Dollies

Types Of Dollies

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What is a moving dolly?

In its rudimentary form, a plastic dolly is a platform on wheels that will enable you to move large and hefty products with minimal effort and stress while maintaining an extremely high degree of safety as well. There are 3 major kinds of dollies that you can make use of throughout a residence relocation.

Utility dolly

The upright utility dolly also referred to as a hand vehicle– is an L-shaped platform with 2 wheels and a grip (either two ergonomic handles or a handlebar running across the back). It is tiny, versatile, and incredibly hassle-free– the lower shelf portion of the truck can be conveniently moved under a product. The entire dolly can be slanted in reverse, making it a child’s play to raise and move the item around. This is an all-round dolly, suitable for moving anything from boxes to little furniture and appliances– it allows you to pile and move several boxes simultaneously, move high, light-weight furniture pieces like cabinets and filing cabinets, climb up and down staircases, and conveniently steer your items along slim hallways and around sharp corners.

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Furniture dolly

At first look, a furniture dolly is not much more than a rectangular item of wood on 4 swivel wheels, nothing too elaborate really… yet it gets the job done, and it does it well. A furniture dolly is largely used to shift large and hefty furniture pieces (thus the name) such as dressers, shelving units, armoires, cabinets, china cabinets, desks, and large sofas, chairs, and so on. A top quality furniture dolly can deal with weights of up to a thousand extra pounds, sometimes even more. A less costly and more average furniture dolly can sustain loads of a few hundred extra pounds without trouble. The dolly for moving hefty furniture can be partly covered in carpet or various other soft products to cushion the lots on it and protect against scraping or scuffling along the furniture surface area. Additionally, the additional cushioning boosts the moving dolly’s overall hold and makes sure that the furniture pieces are more stable while being carried on it and will not slide off quickly.

Appliance dolly

Comparable to the utility dolly in structure and form, the appliance dolly is particularly developed for moving big, hefty appliances, such as fridges, washing machines, and ranges. It has strong nylon straps to secure the appliance in position and rub rails to secure its coating. Some designs also include a securing auto-recoil system or a special tightening grip for boosted safety and security. The sturdy, 2-wheel appliance dolly supplies the leverage you require to move a big household product. It has a weight capacity of approximately 700 lbs. and quickly rolls up and down staircases, enabling you to take your appliance to the place where it requires to go safely and conveniently.

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