Tips For Moving To a Big City

Tips For Moving To a Big City

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Making the move to a big city from a small town can seem like an easy enough task. All you do is you arrive and it plays out just like the movies right? You’ll find a perfect apartment right in the center of downtown, get a job at a coffee shop just like an episode of Friends which will magically pay for your 1000 square foot apartment. You’ll immediately have a social circle and everything will just fall into place, right? Wrong!

Moving to a big city can be an amazing and expansive experience. If you’ve never lived in a major city it can be incredibly exciting. However, it can also be incredibly isolating when you haven’t made friends yet. It can be hard to network to be able to find work and places to live, and the competition for jobs and housing is a lot tougher since there are more people fighting for the same things.

Here are some of the best tips for moving to a big city.

You Need a Car

Unless you live in a city with a fantastic public transportation system, you’re going to need a car to be able to commute to your job or go anywhere else for that matter. Los Angeles is famous for its slow and incredibly inefficient public transportation system. Whereas New York, on the other hand, has a fantastic underground subway system which you can completely rely on.

If you are moving somewhere which does not have a reputable public transportation system then you most definitely want to buy a used car. Forget buying a new car, the last thing you need to do before you have a job is get yourself wrapped up in high auto payments. Start with a reasonably priced used car and once you’re settled and making a comfortable salary you can upgrade.




Live in a Suburb

Of course, everyone has dreams of living right downtown in the center of all the action. The fact of the matter is, however, that you can find some incredible places to live that are not technically downtown, but only a few minutes drive from downtown.

By renting somewhere only a few miles outside of the city limits you can save hundreds a month. You may have dreams of that downtown apartment, but remain flexible and you may just find a fantastic place for a much lower price.

Start Sending Resumes 6 Months Ahead

Big cities have more population and more population means more people looking for work! Make sure to start putting feelers out for jobs way ahead of time before departing to your new destination.

If you already have employment, even better!

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