Ways to Freshen Up Your Garden in Time for Summer

Ways to Freshen Up Your Garden in Time for Summer

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Giving your garden a good freshen up before the summer is a perfect way of getting back into the gardening spirit and creating a space you can really enjoy. Gardening isn’t just a great way of utilizing the space you have; it’s great for your mental health too. After a few hours spent working in the garden, you’ll instantly feel more positive and productive, as well as having some great work to show for it. From creating a new outdoor dining space to get rid of plants that no longer add color and life, there are lots of different ways in which you can freshen up your garden in time for the summer.

Have a Tidy Up

Over time your garden can become cluttered and untidy, with overgrown plants, weeds, and other areas that could really use some TLC. By having a general tidy up, focusing on removing dead flowers, attacking those pesky weeds, and neatening up the borders and planters, you’ll notice your garden instantly start to feel a little lighter and more inviting. From cutting the lawn to trimming the hedges, you can really make a difference to your garden’s overall aesthetic by simply tidying things up a little.

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Add a Mini Oasis

Creating your very own mini oasis is a perfect way for you to really make the most of your garden space. Your garden should be a place where you can rewind, relax and escape, and by adding a space dedicated to this, you’ll find it much easier to do so. Whether you simply add a bench to the bottom of the garden or you plant new trees and shrubs to create a private oasis, you can transform your garden and create a whole new space for you to enjoy.

Make it Cosy

Summer is a great time to spend as much time in the gorgeous outdoors as possible, and one wonderful thing about having a garden is the ability to enjoy the outdoors from morning until evening. It often becomes a little chillier in the evenings during summer, so introducing some essential items to your garden to help create a cozier feel will work wonders. Adding a stylish firepit will instantly enable you to spend evenings relaxing out in the garden, with a nice glass of wine gazing at the stars. Similarly, having cozy throws and cushions on your outdoor furniture will provide you with the comfort you need to really enjoy spending lots of time in your garden.

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Indulge in Fragrance

Having a garden that smells divine is something many people wish for, and by introducing the right plants and flowers, you can achieve just that. Certain flowers will instantly bring a gorgeous scent to your garden, creating a really welcoming atmosphere and adding to the overall experience. These plants include lavender and even a rose bush. Focus on which scents you like and work them into your own outdoor space.

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