5 Ways to Have a Lot of Fun on Halloween

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There are always many ways to celebrate Halloween. Going trick-or-treating and spending time watching horror movies at home are some of the most popular things to do on Halloween night. You can also spend days leading up to Halloween – and the days after – trying some new things and having a lot of fun.

If the latter is what you want to do this Halloween, then this article is for you as we will take a look at five alternative ways to celebrate Halloween. Let’s get started!

Free Halloween Events

One of Halloween’s best things is that there are a lot of free Halloween events and parties that you can check out. Finding them is certainly easier now that you have online directories and other online sources.

Free Halloween events aren’t just for Halloween night either. Many parties, special events, and shows are actually scheduled before and after All-Hallows Eve, giving you plenty of time to sample many of them.

Try an Escape Room

Another great thing to try is conquering escape rooms near you. As we get closer to Halloween, many escape rooms introduce Halloween-themed storylines and puzzles to make their games more interesting. Breakout Games, the best escape room Columbus has to offer, is a good example.

Breakout Games has several interesting mysteries waiting to be solved. The Mystery Mansion is an adventure you want to try with friends. You will be racing against the clock, so make sure you and your friends are up to the challenge.

Read Real Stories

Reading is not the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to exciting things to do on Halloween but bear with me here. Thanks to the internet, stories from around the world are distributed on sites like Reddit. By stories, I mean real ghost and horror stories from real people.

There is something about reading real stories that get to you. Make sure you share the experience with a few friends, and you can have one of the scariest Halloween nights of your life.

Make a Scary Movie

Forget about listing some scary movies on your streaming app. This Halloween, try making your own scary movie. It is time for you and your friends to scare others with your horror stories.

Making a movie isn’t as difficult as you think. Even better, you already have a capable video camera in your pocket. Use your smartphone, create a scary story, and have fun shooting the movie with friends. Your Halloween movie could be the next big thing on social media.

Go Out and Camp

Lastly, consider going on a camping trip with some close friends on Halloween. Spending the night in the middle of nowhere is definitely a lot scarier – and so much more fun – than staying home. Besides, you don’t have to travel far to find the perfect camping spot for Halloween.

Any of these activities will turn an ordinary Halloween into one that you will always remember. Be sure to share the experience with some friends to make your Halloween that much more special.

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