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If you have a fan base and love to do online video chatting sessions, then BonkLive is the perfect app for you, as you can do video chatting with your followers and earn with it. Using BonkLive, you can earn money by running commercial ads on your video sessions or earning money while reading some ads related phase. BonkLive is among those few apps which allow you to earn money while you are online at social networking. You just need to have a valid email ID, and then you can register on the BonkLive; this live streaming app is available on Android, iOS, and desktop versions.

What is BonkLive?

Before we jump into the features of BonkLive, we should clear you the concept of BonkLive. The BonkLive app is all about and how the readers can earn money following their favorite stars.

As mentioned, the BonkLive users can earn money while running the ads on their live streaming videos. They can also earn money while reading some jingles or lines regarding any brand. But, to do this, you have to be the Bonkified user; you must cross some level to be a Bonkified user.

  • It is the best platform for the influencer to cash their popularity while running the video about BonkLive.
  • Now, the influencer can earn a lot of money through this app. So they will spend more time on it. Since they will spend more time, the fans will come to know more about their favorite star.
  • BonkLive doesn’t feature real cash in it; they have Virtual Money, which is BonkLive coins and Diamonds. So, you have to purchase these coins from a BonkLive shop by exchanging them with real cash.
  • Now, the followers can send some special gifts through BonkLive to their star to grab their special attention, and the gifts can be exchanged with real money.
  • Also, the users of BonkLive will get a virtual debit card that has MasterCard facilities.

Features of BonkLive

Now, you are clear with the concept of BonkLive. It’s time to increase your knowledge about the features of BonkLive. If you just ignore the concept of earning money behind, then many other features will excite you while using this social networking platform.

  • While live streaming, the users can connect with their followers with many live features and some amazing filters and stickers. The filters and stickers are available for the users just to keep the live video more engaging.
  • The Chatbox is available for the users and the followers to chat with their viewers through the chatbox. The chatting option is available just to make the live video session more interactive.
  • Users can buy some special gifts for their star and gift it to them, just to grab some special attention of their favorite star.
  • Now, followers can connect with their star with the direct message option available in the app itself.

How to use the BonkLive App

  • After downloading, open the app and click on Signup.
  • You have to enter the valid email address and then click on Next.
  • Then, you have to create a password and click on Next. Now, BonkLive will send you an email confirmation link, where you will be registered as a valid BonkLive user.

After you are registered as the BonkLive user, you will have plenty of options inside the app.

  • In the “Follow” category, you will have a lot of followers to follow. You can choose some of your favorite stars and start following.
  • In the “Featured” category, you will have the list of featured stars who are rocking the world right now.
  • In the “New” category, there will be a list of stars who have released their videos recently on the BonkLive app.
  • In the “Nearby” category, you have to choose your country first, and then you can look for the region specific stars to follow.

Other features of BonkLive

  • BonkLive uses the concept of earning money in the form of BonkLive coins and diamonds. You can check your income status, diamonds, and the level of your account.
  • Also, you can choose your favorite category from many other categories available.
  • Another feature is that you can do live streaming of your own and earn some cash by running ads.

Final Words

The concept of BonkLiuve is pretty good as it gives a chance to the users and the followers to earn money while you are on a social networking platform, and the only bad thing about this app is that it doesn’t have a desktop client app for Windows and PC.

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