3 Habits That If you Stopped Doing Could Save You A Lot Of Money

3 Habits That If you Stopped Doing Could Save You A Lot Of Money

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Everyone has a habit or two that they know isn’t the best idea in the world, from biting their nails to staying up too late staring at their cell phones. Many habits are simply a waste of time or not really benefitting us in many positive ways, but aren’t necessarily detrimental to our lifestyles. However, there are those other habits, which not only degrade our mental and physical health but also clear out our pocketbook and send us into serious debt. By eliminating these habits, you can take control over your financial future and stop being a slave to habits and addictions that you fall victim to every time temptation comes up. For some, it is easier than others to rid ourselves of bad habits. Here are some of the most expensive habits that could save you up to thousands a yea if you quit doing todayr.

3 Habits That If you Stopped Doing Could Save You A Lot Of Money 1


You may have heard the news that smoking is no longer considered good for your health. In fact, it is downright bad for you. Not only is it linked to cancer and a variety of respiratory problems, but it also costs a considerable amount of money. Just one pack of cigarettes costs about $10-$12 on average, and when you are a moderate smoker, this can lead to purchasing two to three packs a week. If you are considered a heavy smoker and smoke one to two packs a day, you can already start to hear the cash register sound effects as the numbers pile on top of each other of just how much this adds up to per month.


Quitting smoking can save you money, which you can spend on more enjoyable things like vacations or self-care, and save you a lot of money you will spend on hospitalization should you get a respiratory disease or cancer caused by all that smoking.


Gambling can have high rewards, it is true. However, the odds are much more against you winning than they are in your favor for losing. The average person wins 3% out of all of the times they gamble in their lives. As you can see, this isn’t worth investing your money into. Try putting your money into something with a more favorable return like real estate.

Eating and Drinking Out

Cooking at home can save you hundreds a week and can be just as delicious! By making eating and drinking out a special occasion expense rather than a regular weekly expense, you can not only save a lot of money, but you will learn to appreciate and savor the experience much more.

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